Looking for a clotted cream concentrate?

Anyone seen a standalone clotted cream concentrate? I have seen the cornish tea and clotted cream fudge flavours. But not a pure clotted cream standalone flavour.

Tried some vanilla custard made with clotted cream as an added ingredient over the weekend as a dessert, and it was just delicious. Immediately made me think of what the flavour would be like to vape. Unfortunately I can’t find a suitable concentrate.

I love creams and have many of them. The closest one I think to a ‘clotted cream’ would be Hangsen’s Italian Cream flavoring. It’s a heavy cream and doesn’t seem to have sweetener. Just mega rich cream. I love this flavoring.

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I have 20 odd Hangsen flavours and of course not this one :slight_smile: Will have to get some to try

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