Looking for a cream upon cream recipe

First and foremost i am a custard LOVER. But i am looking to make a strictly cream recipe Like a sweet milk or rice milk flavor. I think my creative juices have dried up because i just cant get what i am looking for. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
This is something i tried and its close but not creamy enough
Vanilla shisha 2 %
vanilla swirl 2 %
condensed milk fa .05
vanilla bean ice cream @ 5 %
coconut fa 1%

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How about sneaking in some white chocolate it steeps into a really nice cream…could always plop some marshmallow atop of it.

White Chocolate FW 2.50
Marshmallow FW 1.00
Vanilla ice cream LB 3.00 if using VBIC TFA I’d keep it under 5% as it too over rides many flavors
condensed Milk FA 0.25 ( this too high will kill many flavors )
Vanilla Swirl TFA 1.00
Vanilla Shisha 1.25
coconut FA 0.75

Other flavors that add additional creaminess

Pear FA
Cherimoya ( Very nice around 3-5% adds a fruity custard like accent it is very creamy )
Creamy milky undertone OoO very cream forward w/ a touch of milkiness
Custard FA But has Lemon undertones
Sweet cream Cap keep in the 2% and under
Sweet Cream TFA steeps so much stronger and is a buttermilk not nearly as sweet as others it mutes other flavors as well
French Vanilla Creme
Milk chocolate
Malted milk - again mutes other flavors when used too high.
Dairy milk
obviously custards :smile:
Toasted Marshmallow around 2% sweetens really well I particularly like to pair it w/ Vanilla Bean Gelato around 2% as well.

I am working on a Cr3am like Ben Johnson’s Juice that’s a white chocolate with milk and a tiny bit whipped cream and a smidge of hazelnuts.

I love creams as well good luck !

This is said to be one of the creamiest of creamy vapes around It has been a very long time since i’ve vaped it but it was very nice http://tjek.nu/r/cEy


Robin this one of mine is super creamy and yes it does have the SB in it but anyhow it’s cream forward for sure http://tjek.nu/r/83wK also the original one I have adapted this one from is even more creamier if that possible lol.

At best it’s a jumping off point for ya !

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Ooops don’t forget Cream (Flavorah) …very dairy


How about something like this
for the crust flavor go with the following
graham cracker
sweetened coconut
toasted marshmallow
golden butter
Brown sugar.
This gives the illusion of a kicked up graham crust

Then for the filling go this route
Condensed milk
sweetened cream
Catalan cream
Bavarian cream
whipped cream


mmmm, this thread is damn tasty.

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Great Thank you Amy

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Any time My Nurse buddy :wink:

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Thank you. Ill try this also .