Looking for a dupe of the Halo G6 Mini Tank, pref. glass

TLDR: looking for a cheap source or dupe of the Halo G6 mini tank, especially if I can find something compatible and the same size made out of glass instead of plastic.

I’m extremely new to the forum and only about 2 years in on vaping, have been focused mostly on making my own liquid as a hobby, and very ignorant about hardware. I apologize if this is in the wrong place or otherwise unwelcome, and I would love feedback.

My main hardware right now is the Halo G6, since I have a very strong preference for cigalikes. I know they aren’t very powerful but that’s okay with me. :slight_smile: I found the mini tanks have better performance for me and less annoyance than the cartomizers, but maintain the profile/size I prefer.

I know Halo does a lot of proprietary fiddling with their hardware and have so far been unable to find another source of the mini tanks, a glass version of the mini tanks, or anything along those lines. If anyone has suggestions for sources, or even a rival cigalike with tiny tanks like the G6, I’d love to hear it!


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Welcome aboard!
I used to use small bvc plastic tanks that are similar using smok coils but found this to better mainly for the glass for tank crackin’ mixes.

i am not sure where u are located and it may help others find u a source. GL to you!

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I’m not familiar with the halo. But have you tried a nautilus mini? It a tank that you can run on a small device.

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The G6 uses a proprietary connection. I’m not aware of anything that will fit. Unfortunately the only other options for a pen type are quite a bit larger than the G6.

Good catch, i swore i read ego but they are cheap as chips too

I’m in Washington State.

Thanks for all the suggestions! Looks like I’m going to have to get away from Halo’s proprietary nonsense sooner rather than later. I’m thinking maybe the Mimic battery or a generic 510 with a generic pyrex minitank, like this if I can find a non-bulk (alibaba etc) supplier.

Anyone ever order from BestECig? Looks like they’re a china direct supplier.

I haven’t heard of that vendor but all u need to replace current setup is ego batts/charger and tanks. The batts life span does go down over time as all do but replacing them is cheap enuff at $5-10 depending on the mah of the battery. The tanks are easy enuff to find but whats hard is to find the coils. This is a basic kit but anything w/ ego/510 connection will work. You may want to look into a nicer setup tho w/ replacable 18650 and could accept a 22mm 510 tank w/o overhang making it silly.
Again, Good luck to you!