Looking for a flavor that most resembles cake dough


I’m working on a new donut flavor that is almost perfect, I would just like for it to have more of a “dough” vibe to it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Cake batter by Capella?

I’ve not used it, but seems it might be what you’re after. Someone who’s used it could tell you better though, obviously.

You could try FW Yellow Cake or INW Biscuit maybe.

Cake Batter by Capella. It’s delicious!

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I have all these flavors. I haven’t had the best luck with cake batter unless i mix it in at a really low percentage. I did try biscuit but it was very odd. I found cookie from FA works really well for this but it’s more baked than “doughy”

I’ll give Yellow Cake a shot. Thanks for the suggestions!

I get a yeast dough note from Glazed Doughnut Cap.

I wish I would have ordered that one. I passed on it though because every where I read I kept seeing comments on it tasting like playdoh

I forgot that I have Vanilla Cupcake from TFA I’m gonna give this a shot as well!

Would FA Joy work for you?
It has that profile which works with doughnut flavours.