Looking for a good Butter Peacn Ice cream recipe

I want to clone the " No Hype" Butter Pecan Ice cream would really appreciate it if some one could help me out with a recipe It’s obviously going to have butter pecan and VBIC I figured out that much but ,not sure of the % and if there are other flavorings in it like maybe marshmallow or something

This sounds like a combo I’d be interested in. I would either search the recipe side for butter pecan ice cream (you might find something you like better), or start with vbic and butter pecan and then add in things from there that you think it’s missing. Have you tried mixing up a batch yet?

Not ice cream, but if you like butter pecan, you have to try this recipe: Butter Pecan Custard Wonderfulness, it’s amazing!


I am just about to start I’m thinking Butter Pecan, VIC, Marsh Mallow, some Brown Sugar and just a little bit of sweetener

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Hey Benjy
That really looks good I’m definitely going to mix that up
Thank you!

Thank you so 8% BP was too much huh?

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I’m gonna bet you’ll give up on the ice cream recipe once you try it.:grinning:


Awesome yeah please do let me know

I am going to mix it up tomorrow what are you commending for steep time
3 weeks maybe 4?


It’s very good after 4 or 5 days and then it keeps getting better. You will be able to tell how good it is if you try it as a SNV.

I’ve been working on one for a couple months. This is where it is right now:

Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
FW Butter Pecan @ 3%
FW Butterscotch Ripple @ 2%
DFS Holy Vanilla @ 0.5%
HS Ice Cream @ 0.25%
TPA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream @ 4%

2 week steep at least. If you can wait 4, do that. I’m shooting for butter pecan ice cream with a vanilla butterscotch drizzle. It isn’t finished, but if anyone ends up mixing it I’d love feedback on how to improve it.


I have found the “icecream” flavors just dont cut it. They are not creamy enough, milky enough and lack mouthfeel. Im fairly certain icecreams on the market use bavarian cream and or marshmallow for mouthfeel. I have found adding cream and milk yied a more authentic icecream. I would try:

4% Purilum Butter Pecan
3% FW butter pecan
2% Cap VBIC
3% ooo vanilla icecream (version 1)
2% ooo Milky undertone
0.25 FLV Milk
0.75% LB fresh cream
0.75% LB cream

Totals 17.75% if you feel it is lacking mouthfeel try adding a neutral marshmallow (TFA 1%) or a neutral Bavarian cream 1%(RF or Purilum)
I add 3% (5% Erythritol solution VG) and 0.25% Pyure for added sweetness


Curious about purilium butter pecan. I ordered some last night. I have a BP ice cream but used NF butter pecan. That tastes like a real raw pecan but without the butter. I’m still working on it and may post later. Just curious on your thoughts regarding purilium BP ATM

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I love the Purilum, my favorite of those I’ve tried so far. FW is very very good as well. These are my notes on the Purilum.

Percentage Used: 6%

Equipment Used: Troll RDA with a wickless single SS .8 ohm Clapton coil at 20W.

PG/VG: 30/70

Steep Time: 3 Days and 2 Weeks

Aroma: Baked pecans, butter, caramel, cream.

Flavor Description: At a 3 day steep I’m in love. Nutty, buttery, slightly creamy, mildly sweet. Smooth, authentic fresh roasted pecans are dominant yet not heavy like candy. At a 2 week steep this has become much richer. The pecans are still very dominant, in a good way. The butter and caramel has really strengthened and stands up equally to the pecans now, and the dairy cream type creaminess has faded a little. It’s still creamy, but it’s more the rich creaminess you get from butter rather than milk or cream. Well balanced with the ratio of caramel to pecans, it avoids being overly sweet and candy like while still being rich and buttery. Delicious :slight_smile:

Off Flavors: None

Throat Hit: 2/10

Pairings: Almost any stone fruit and definitely banana. Bakeries, cookies, cakes, creams, custards, coffees, tobaccos, candy, nougat, ice cream.

Notes: For single flavor I recommend 6-8% in an RDA and 7-9% in a tank. For an accent flavor probably in the 1-4% range. So yummy! Just in case you missed it, I really like this :wink:

Comparison: Compared to FW, this is more natural pecan that has been browned in sweet cream butter and caramel. The pecan nut is more prominent and it’s moderately sweet. FW has a lot stronger and heavier cream component, almost like a butter pecan ice cream. It’s also sweeter and the pecan isn’t quite as dominant. Both of these are very good and will provide different notes to recipes.


Purilum BP is delicious! I haven’t tried another and I don’t plan to. :wink: It has a really nice smooth, buttery flavor. In a mix I’d probably use it anywhere between 2.5-5%.


I have not single flavor tested the purilum BP as of yet. I dropped my FW BP from 7% to 3% and added 4% Pur BP instead in a BP pie recipe. That mix was a winner. The Pur BP smelled amazing like roasted carmelized pecans and brown sugar so i went on good faith and skipped the SF testing


We’re going to releasing a Vanilla Bean Ice Cream soon too, a winning combination! :slight_smile:


Beautiful notes! Mercy sakes. Glad I ordered 4oz.

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Recipe does look very fine but I don’t have the flavors. I thought I had everything lol

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