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Looking for a good fruity icy vape, suggestions?


Any suggestions to a good fruity icy/cold recipe, something that has been tested, not ideas…



If I can give you a hint is… do your own, there are so many of them around that we could fill pages and pages, but those wouldn’t be the one you like.
My suggestion is to mix your favourite fruit layer and add some WS23 (Sparingly)
Or even better make your own Menthol Crystals, I made them in a 1:10 ratio.
3 grams of crystals dissolved in 30ml of PG (warm it up and shake till they dissolve)
If you don’t like menthol back to WS23… it’s a winner.



I would love to find a good icy base. Never managed to reproduce the coolness of the juices I first bought.
I have a decent ice strawberry that I still work on every few months. Probably will do a RF strawberry and a fa juicy strawberry version at some point.



Try my crisp Apple recipe if you like apple. I use purilium ws-3. http://tjek.nu/r/pcNG



blackfruit mint from inawera, use solo at 3-4%. A friend who likes cold liquid likes it.
Also jungle frost from Inawera too. try it at 2-3% first.