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Looking for a good Pineapple recipe


I love Pineapple, and I’m looking for a recipe that fills my mouth with just that flavor! I tried several recipes found on the site, but I still have not had the happiness to really find a taste that pleases me … most of the time, I get a taste of celery that displeases me, when I mix my flavors …
I have several pineapple in my stash, such as MF, Inw, Flv, Cap, Tpa, RF (SC), and Flavormonks, these last two for me are the best but none of them tested in Single Flavor. Maybe that should be the right way, but if someone has another opinion / recipe, thank you for sharing.


I typed pineapple in the search bar and got a few promising leads on different pineapple vendors as well as recipes that people have made. Hope that can help in your journey! Good luck!


I started my search there, but I did not find a satisfactory result … (recipes with 100% pineapple juicy and natural profile). I am aware that Pineapple has to be mixed with some cream and eventually sweetener, to eliminate the throat hit, but what I have found, has been recipes with notes of pineapple mixed with other flavors …
But thanks for the suggestion!


I am curious about pineapple and coconut recipes at the moment. If you have some good results on the pineapple front, please share !


Beetlejuice is my favorite pineapple recipe.


Im actually interested in a pineapple recipe when you find one or create one!!
Ive never vaped straight pineapple! Sounds yummy!


pineapple express I heard was a good one too


Pineapple and coconut? You should check out @Pro_Vapes Pina Colada recipe.


for easy reader access!

Not sure I would buy the missing flavours but the banana + pineapple + coconut angle is interesting
Would probably go for caramel and maybe a touch of spice to balance this out.


I mixed this recipe and after 1 month of maturation, I was not impressed. It tastes good, but I felt lack of coconut flavor and lacked a refreshing effect, to my taste!
I have a new batch maturing with replacement for coconut MF, and added some WS-23, which is currently maturing…


I enjoyed using http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/2283 pineapple/coconut for a hint of both in fruity mixes.


I suspect that FLV pineapple is the cause of the off note (celery?) your experiencing. FLVs Pineapple is very strong too much and i get an onion flavor…I heard FAs version is even worse! Lol if you want a all pineapple recipe i would blend numerous different pineapple concentrates
I would leave out the tfa and the FLV of the ones you have list MF and FLavor monks i have not tried.
Good pineapple flaves you didnt list
Pineapple (German flavors ) (strong0.15%) Pineapple (real) (NicVape)(0.75-2%)
Shisha Pineapple (INW)(0.25-0.5%)
Pineapple extract (OliveNation)(4-7%)


I just finished 30 mils of this loved it!


of what, the pineapple express or Beetlejuice? Beetlejuice is legit one of my fav. recipes. its the reason I came into DIY because I bought too much of it…and it helped me get off cigs


First time I’ve seen this brand mentioned. How is their pineapple? It seems like an unpopular brand any experience with them?


I have mentioned them before many questioned whether they were rebottled or not and because their new line of super concentrates are rebottled lorann most if not all ignored my suggestion but yes i feel many of them are good.

Olive nation french vanilla is amazing,others i enjoy and use often are malt,macaroon,blueberry, pineapple,peach, watermelon, honeydew,banana The pg free ones seem to be the strongest…