Looking for a Hcigar VT75 Nano

A couple months ago someone stole my backpack at a restaurant and my VT75 Nano was in it. It wasn’t until recently that I realized how much I miss that great little mod. It just fits so nicely in my hand and pocket and provides a great vape for my single coilers.

So, with that said, I cant find one for less than $60 which is a bit pricey for a model that has been replaced already. The new 75C just doesn’t do it for me. Does anyone have one that they would like to get rid of? I am looking to buy or trade or whatever. The Red and Black one is my favorite but I am open to other colors.


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10 blah


If you have not seen Volcano has the Lava Box M for under $30 with discount 10PCT could not believe a DNA 75 under 30 bucks had to grab one, It was for the black only, Might be to boxy from what you coming from but still a grate deal for the same chip. I have way to many mods but had to grab one for that price.


I have a very lightly used Red/Black Hcigar VT75 (not the Nano) available for sale if you are interested. I bought it new a couple of months ago but I just haven’t had time to play with Escribe.

Mine is in repair, but I don’t, don’t like that mod. It is too hard to change the battery. The problem it was having is it was over-discharging the battery… I haven’t heard yet if it can be fixed. Also… Mine is red and black. You can have it for price of repair plus shipping.

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I have the one that takes the 26650 and I agree, it is a real pain in the arse. Mine finally stripped the threads, so I am gonna take the board and put it in another covering. I haven’t decided on wood, stabwood, or aluminim yet, but I will decide something