Looking for a Kool or Newport menthol flavor

Hey all!
New to mixing and I have a few decent recipes and batches going but after vaping for a few months, (and enjoying some fruits and pastries), I know that the flavor I actually enjoy the most is a menthol cigarette flavor.
Decades ago I started with Newport cigarettes, switched to Kools and then Kool Milds as the years went on and after prices headed through the roof a few years ago I ended my run with L&M menthols.
Needless to say I enjoy my menthol flavor.
I have mixed up a few RY4 recipes that were ok for my taste, and then I got some Cap Menthol and have started adding that into my mixes.
It is a menthol flavor but fairly weak, I would have to add a ton of this and I still don’t think I will come close to what I am looking for.

My question is what can I try instead to get that more authentic menthol cigarette flavor.
A different brand of menthol, Koolada, spearmint, wintergreen, peppermint or a combination of several.
I have read about a flavor called Extreme Ice that seems to be a good combination of menthol and a few different mints that might do the trick.

My local Vape shop has great people and the owner has his own line of juice that he mixes on site in a lab and he came up with a flavor called Northport that hit the the menthol cigarette taste mark for me almost exactly.
On his monthly list of most popular e juices this flavor is usually in the top 5 most every month, top 10 for sure, so I am not the only one around here that likes it.
The tobacco flavor is there but way in the background, this juice is all about the menthol flavor and it is there in spades.

As much as I love these guys he sells this stuff for about 40¢ per mil…I used to own a retail business and I want to support my local venders when possible but knowing what I know about DIY prices I am pretty sure I can come pretty close to this recipe for way under 10¢ per mil with the right ingredients and a little experimentation.
Probably 2-4¢ per mil with effort and a little good advice.

This is important to me, as much as I enjoy them if all the other kinds of fruit, cereal and bakery flavors out there became unavailable I would be very happy enjoying using something like this as my ADV and easily stay off cigarettes forever.

I have seen tons of recipes out there using many combinations, I can get into complex if needed but what would be great would be a simple one or two extra flavors I could add into my own tobacco recipes to achieve the desired Newport or Kool taste if possible.

So what say ye?
Will Extreme Ice do it, maybe something else?

Any and all opinions welcomed.


Flavorah Cool Menthol is a really great one. I used to love Menthol flavors, and so I bought quite a few. Among them were Extreme Ice as well as Arctic Winter (FA). If you wanted a bit more cooling, Flavorah Ice or WS-23 would work well.

I recently stumbled on Hangsen Gold & Silver, which is a spectacular cigarette Tobacco flavor, I mean it really tastes close to golden tobacco leaf. It has no ash or combustion flavor. It is a hell of a flavor. Hope this helps! :grinning:


Yea, thanks!
I will continue mixing up some different tobacco flavors because mixing is fun for me and I am sure I can do better than my RY4 mixes but I would like to nail down a good menthol combination before I spin my wheels buying too many flavors that won’t work.

I will look into your suggestions.


It seems like some people are very sensitive to menthol, others have built up a tolerance. Most of the menthol flavorings I’ve tried, where the notes suggest they’re super strong, couldn’t reach the frostiness I was looking for. I had to make my own with this.


I used to smoke camel crush back in the day and started as many others chasing that menthol taste. Needless to say it wasn’t very satisfying, in fact I asked myself why nothing came even close or I am just in my own head, trying to focus on one flavor profile that I think is in the actual cigarette.

After a while and I don’t vape it often anymore, I found that a combination of creme de menthe (more of a mint) and a couple drops of koolada would give me the same result. Funny that I never liked menthol to begin with and just imagined it was in the crush? Give it a try maybe it gets you closer to your goal than the actual menthol.

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I been at this for a while, tried a variety of what I have/had on hand. Feel free to omit the clove, that’s something I’m working on elsewhere but the DNB can be swapped out with Tobacco Absolute, but hit me up if you wanna try variations or discuss. I just made the recent batch two days ago and tapping into a 30ml to discuss it.

Yes, I used to smoke (9 years) and yes I smoked menthols regularly. This is almost exactly what I remember it to be but eh, I quit 4 years ago. (I smoked Newports)

No I don’t have any N.E.T’s, so my approach will strictly be commercial attempts/ Non N.E.T’s (boo on me, boo on me) lmao

With that being said, it might need some umpphf/more strength but I’m open for adjusting

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