Looking for a mint and berry recipe or a starbuzz blue mist clone?

Hi looked around the site for recipe already and some amazing sweet ones I will try soon.

I like berry and mint flavours, which I have attempted but can’t perfect, was wondering if anyone had any good recipe. Also I used to enjoy starbuzz blue mist if anyone has a clone.

And anyone who can point out a UK website for concentrates that has a big range of stock please.


Hmmmm. No responses yet. I have really play with minty flavors because my tasting ability with mint flavor is out of wack. I pick them up too well.

That being said.if you type out a recpie or two that are not working I’m sure you’ll get some good responses

If you said. Chris. Randomly make me a berry mix…which I don’t really have…

Forest mix FA 2%
Blackberry FA 0.2% (not sure about this one…but it’s strong)
Fresh cream FA 0.75%
Obaoba FA 1%.

That’s where I would start…remember blackberry FA is really really strong. I might even touch alittle blackcurrant FA in there at 0.2%. Maybe a touch of Vienna cream FA 0.5%

This isn’t published but it’s very tasty. It’s still in R&D; in the process of adding Oba Oba to it…

1% Arctic Winter (Menthol) (FA)
5% Harvest Berry (CAP)
1% Koolada 10% (TPA)
0.5% Liquid Stevia

Taste like…

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