Looking for a new RBA for flavor

So I’ve finally given up on my poor old troll, he’s dying and builds are terrible thanks to a spinning center post. I’ve been using an Alliance I think v1 and it’s great but I still need a second RBA. I’ve been looking at the Dot Mod Demetri or maybe it’s called a Petri, I’m tired and just got off work. Any of you guys have any knowledge of what some of the better RBA’s for flavor are?

Would you count an RTA? For flavor, I have found nothing that even comes close to the Youde Bellus. She is a prima donna, but it’s a plume veil RDA with a 5ml tank in terms of flavor. Nothing else is close.

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Billow V2 Nano with the inner shroud removed is also pretty swell, not a Bellus though. Goblin is pretty good, but noisy. But again, the bellus is miles better.

For drippers I’m liking the Velocity clone, and Wotofo Sapor. For something with a tank, the Aromamizer or the Cthulhu V2. That Dotmod Petri will set you back a C note :open_mouth:, or clones are out there for <$20.

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Marquis rda, the clone is stellar too! Super easy to build on as well.0

I still use my Plume Veil 1.5’s with the SS deck. I have gotten newer RDA but they sit in boxes as i have found none that provide this level of flavor with the fasttech wide bore caps.

Not sure why i keep buying new ones, even have a Sapor on the way which i thought would have been here weeks ago but i didnt split the order and it is shipping from China with batt devices.

I do really like the Goblin Mini tho, i use it quite a bit more than i thought i would. Excellent flavor, easy to build on, lots of airflow and 3.5ml. Like a dripping in a tank.

Hmm, piqued my curiosity here.

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I am very surprised you haven’t tried the Bellus. I like the Goblin ok, it’s around #3 level along with the 6ml aromamizer (will get a 3ml soon) but for flavor there is nothing that comes close to it. It’s 1.5 bitches to build sometimes, but it’s easily, and I mean very easily, the best tasting tank I own. Like, I do not bother with dripping any more unless my Bellus needs wicking.

Read around and you will find a lot of people agree with me. I think the airflow adjustment would be great for MTL as well, but I lung hit. You buy one and don’t like it, I’ll buy it from you.

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ROFL! I dont normally buy tanks because i love dripping but every year i buy a couple to test them out. I am blown away by the advancements made in the last year alone. Only place i could find it is at Angel, im trying real hard not to order it as when the wife finds out i just ordered 32 more flavorings im gonna get my ass kicked! :wink:

OP: Here is a pretty decent RDA, i dont use it much but i do like it. Nice deep drip well, easy to build on and LEDs if you want to put them in.


I’m totally good with an RTA. I’ve got my TFV4 but I don’t have the dual deck so I don’t use it. If I could get as good of a taste off an RTA I’d get on but I still need an RDA as well. I can use the tank for work and what not and not have to drip all day. I still need an RDa for tasting mixes though.

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