Looking for a new rda

I have a plume bail rda, and I like it but the one thing I wish I could do is fill it without removing the top cap. Are there any rda’s out there that you can just drip through the mouth piece

Pretty much any of the RDAs with Wide-bore drip tips, or “Chuff caps”.

This will allow you to do what you want…or you can get a Velocity RDA. Heck, get both!


For a two post / top drip this is my favorite at the moment

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I love my Geek Vape Tsunami 22mm so I just ordered this, the 24mm version with glass window, Not so patiently waiting for it to come in.



The Tsunami 24mm has a nice big juice well and massive build deck and easy to fill from dripping in the top, Plus it comes with a hollow pin for squonking if you want.



By far, the best RDA I have tried…

I don’t drip in this RDA. I POUR! I usually stream the liquid into it out of a dripper bottle for 2-3 seconds. When using a standard 30ml dropper bottle, one full dropper does the trick. I have yet to find another RDA that can handle that much liquid. And the flavor is hands downs the best of any RDA/Tank, or whatever that I have tried.

Oh, I have the 22mm version. I will be ordering the 28.5mm version to see how it does.


That is what I look for in an RDA… the people that do three drops in a row are lame.
I wonder how the well compares to the new Twisted Messes RDA² (Squared) Had in for over a month now and never leaked… I never over dripped :expressionless:

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Thank you guys for the suggestions, I’m going to check them out.



Hmmmm. I don’t think the uwell Rafeal X rda doesn’t get enough love. Sure it doesn’t have the deepest of juice wells. But I love the flavor and the multitude of building options.

I may have the wrap count off, but for example I am rocking a dual coil, 24g 6 wrap ss316l, and ohms out at 0.5.

Because of the neutral center post you get the 0.5…on a normal velocity style 0.25/2= 0.125ohm. I’m not a fan of super low ohm builds.

Just good for thought.

Maybe take a look at the Sapor. I didn’t care for it too much on the regulated mods with TI or SS (didn’t hate it either) but I think it’s outstanding on the Noisy Cricket running dual kanthal coils. Deep juice wells and top airflow. No leaks (I’m prone to over dripping).


The Bosun has been my favorite rda ever since I picked the first one up in January , I now have three.
Here is a review of it from Grimm Green if you are interested , they now have the chuff caps at the Bosun store as well as bottom feeder pins.


I agree…I have had the V2+ since it came out.

Mine is the V2 as well. Love this whole setup…


Update: I got a troll v2 rda, I like it way more than my plume vail, it has a super wide bore adaptor that you can see just about everything going on inside, I can drip right thru the top :smile:

Not real keen on the Allen head screws though,

All you need is a set of precision bits and a handle…it makes the job easy, I do it every day.
Most velocity style decks take the 1.3 or the 1.5 bits [bottom center in bits tray pic]

If you want really top quality mini bits and handles, shop for WIHA tools [German made]

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Thank you guys for the suggestions,cool rda tanks

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For a two post / top drip I would recommend the petri v2

this is my favorite at the moment, awesome for flavor and i seem to reach for it more than my velocity v2

the clone from fasttech I would say is almost a perfect 1-1 clone

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