Looking for a nice menthol cigarette recipe

Hey guys, as the title says, I’m looking for a good menthol cigarette recipe that I can ADV. Any suggestions?

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I’ve searched the forum high and low for advice about a basic Marlboro type flavor. There really aren’t any clear answers so far. As of today, I’m using 5-8% of a retail juice as a flavoring. It’s the only retail I still buy @ 15$/30mil.

The American Red Non-menthol is described as the closest to Marlboro any of the reviewers have found. I get the menthol version which I used to mix with the company’s Wintergreen and this is what helped me quit smoking.

Now I’ve cloned the wintergreen but I don’t really like tobacco flavors well enough to invest in 12 different flavors trying to find the right one. It’s close in flavor to how I remember Marlboro Menthols would smell right out of the pack before lighting them.


Mind sharing the recipe? :sweat_smile:

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The juice I’m using as a flavor can be found here.


That’s the one I’d love to clone so I don’t have to pay so much for a flavoring, lol.

MI6 is a DIY menthol solution that I make myself.

And the .9 Saline is this stuff.

Make sure you get the kind that is .9% saline in sterile distilled water, no added medicines like anti bacterial or anything. It’s hard to find, at least in my area.