Looking for a non-scorch, PG-free cola!

Am I being specific enough? :laughing:

The problem is this recipe here:

which beleive it or not tastes bloody gorgeous, apart from one profoundly annoying problem: the Cola Type (SC) Real Flavours scorches with my preferred kit. ( It’s just an MTL kit, but I do believe the coils get uncommonly hot) unless I turn the wattage stupidly low. I’d be very interested to hear if others have this problem with that cola? And what kit are they using? ) and it tastes utterly disgusting when it scorches.

It’s just too good to give up on, so I’m looking for a non-scorch cola. I’ve identified a few candidates, but all would have to be ordered from abroad (I’m in Britain) from different merchants, at no small cost, So first, I’d like some hel;p with choosing between them, please? And if anybody can add to my list , that would be welcome too.

Here’s my list of alternative PG-free cola suppliers, as far as it goes:

Nature’s Flavours
Vaping Zone (SC)
Juice Factory (SC)

And I suppose it goes without saying , I want just regular cola flavour, not blackberry cola, pink cola or whatever. The RF is spot on, when it behaves itself! Just wanna clone my own juice, basically :laughing:

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Vaping Zone (SC)
Juice Factory (SC)
are the same concentrate

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yeah, I suspected as much and saw that @JoJo stated the same with 95% certainty. But I don’t know if we’re justified in stating it as a fact? May I ask your source?

curiously , I notice that Juice Factory offer a wine flavour called “isabella” which absolutely nobody else seems to offer…at least not under that name. That made me wonder if their flavours are unique after all?

I’m actually verging on ordering from Juice Factoy , because they’re a damned sight cheaper than VZ, they do appear to be the same,thing and their International Shipping rates are good.
But my preferred brand would be NF , all things being equal. But I very much hesitate to order that because the only way to get their cola flavour would be to order a bloody great bottle (more than I could possibly use) direct from NF themselves. If i went to those lengths, then found that the bloody stuff tasted disgusting, or scorched just the same as RF, I would not be a happy bunny! So I’m hoping that somebody else here has tried it.

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I say it with 100% certainty after a short conversation with Tom - he suggested they be listed together (as just super concentrates) when i was seeking the actual brand name

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Ah, Thanks :smiley: Excuse my ignorance but I don’t know who Tom is :blush: The owner of Juice Factory?

Yup that he is

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Thanks . Oh! and it looks like you could make a very useful comment on this thread.
Especially regarding the question of syntax on the recipe side.

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Cmiiw, but i think it was @woftam who said that jf gourmet sc came from/renamed from baker flavors russia, and jf sc came from chinese concentrate.


Maybe I missed it if it was mentioned but have you tried a different setup other than your preferred MTL kit to see if the scorching still occurs?

I’ve tried it with an old ego syle kit. No issue with that, not even at maximum voltage, which is interesting, cos on looking it up , I saw that goes well into the kind of wattage where it scorches with my usual kit ( Nautilus X, plus any suitable mod, basically ) Haven’t tried it with a DL kit. I’m sure others must have have tried it, though, so would be curious to hear what they found. Like I said, I do believe those Nautilus X coils get uncommonly hot. You can even burn your lips on the Delrin drip-tip if you chain-vape, too fast! :laughing: So i can well believe that the flavour works for a pretty wide range of kit, but I just don’t know.

I only played with this a couple of times when I was just getting started. It is quite authentic iirc, and was pretty potent. It is alcohol based. No idea what the scorch factor would be, sorry to say. But it fits the PG-free req, for sure.

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Ooh! thanks! :smiley: :Wizard Labs don’t do International shipping, but that’s Capella! Should be easily obtainable in Britain. And I just checked Capella’s website . They only do one version of that flavour, so it doesn’t matter if I get it from one of those all-too-bloody-common merchants that don’t list the ingredients. If it’s CAP, it’ll be the same stuff.

And, well, I suppose we can say for sure that it doesn’t scorch in your relatively powerdful kit?

I shall give that one a try :). But I’d still like to hear from anyone who’s tried the NF version ? (which won’t be an awful ;ot of people, I guess, because they don’t stock that flavor at DIYVS)

EDIT:: hmm actually they do International Shipping, just not for certain flavours- that being one of them :frowning: . But, usefully, they have “Non PG” Tab, don’t they? this enables me to pick out a few more PG-free flavours that are not marked as such on other sites ! :slight_smile:

BTW, I just found an MF cola recipe here!

Only problem with that is that it looks like MF have discontinued the Coriander flavour. (and I’m missing some of the other flavours, not surprisingly!)

I wonder if that’s representative of Cola recipes? (the OSV recipe that is). The large number of spices takes me by surprise, and sounds a bit of a note of caution, personally speaking (I have to be very careful with spices these days, cos some of them give me mouth ulcers, and others have worse effects which I won’t go into). Also vanillin (which most manufacturers sub for real vanilla) plays havoc with my system if I eat it, I don’t know about vaping it. I recall, a few years back, thinking that any number of “gluten free” products were not so gluten free as they claimed… until I noticed that common flavouring ingredient- vanillin.

Ah well, if any if these colas turn out to make me ill, I’ll be able to hazzard several guesses as to why! :laughing: *fingers crossed *: