Looking for a recipe for Bilberry/blueberry?

looking for a recipe for Bilberry/blueberry by Vaper gate ?

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Description from the site:
Bilberry, its a candied blueberry halfway between an authentic and an artificial blueberry. It tastes very close to the blueberry syrup at IHOP. Despite the name, this is a Blueberry vape, not a Bilberry vape which actually does taste completely different. Bilberries are distinct from blueberries with a different profile but are closely related to them.

Don’t have a recipe, but I think Flavorah’s Blueberry would work really well for something like this.


In for recipies!

I need the recipe clone for this one, please if anyone can help

Twelve monkies.
There is a recipe called “a dozen primates vaporgate clone” on this site. Ill see if I can link it here. I made 240 ml. and its quite good.
This was the first recipe that, after many disappointments, actually ordered the flavors From the recipe and made it straight on like the recipe. I was pleased, though it isn’t my favorite profile simply due to preference.


Here it is


Oh good lord that was three years ago!
Well, there ya go.