Looking for a tobacco recipe

I am about to purchase a decent size order of flavors from WizardLabs and I am looking for a Marlboro Red flavor. When I did smoke I loved the flavor of it and am looking for that same taste. Also does anyone know of any flavors that are a must have that I do not currently own?
Thank you all very much!

@Jimk is testing some new flavors… maybe he has some suggestions for you.
I came across this a few days ago.


Whatever you do, don’t buy the TFA M-type! Just don’t!

I have not tried the TFA Red or Red II type, you’ll have to look for reviews on that one. I will say, go ahead and purchase Inawera DNB or Dirty Neutral Base; you’ll be glad you did. You could actually vape that as a stand alone at 2 or 3% and have a realistic analogue cig.

Seedmans commercial blend gets nice reviews elsewhere, but I’ve never tried it either; eventually, one day! :wink:

I was looking through the WL tobacco choices and have to say, I’ve not tried most of the tobaccos they offer. However, shooting from the hip, I’d say perhaps the Inawera Desert Ship is where I’d be drawn. You might have to go outside this forum to read reviews on said tobaccos that WL carries.

However, I’ll say it again…INW Dirty Neutral Base…get it! It will be a nice adder to whatever tobacco you decide to purchase. Use between .5% and 1.5% with other tobaccos for that nice ashy quality of an analogue. :kissing_heart:


Take a look at Hangsen USA Red. Like most of the HS Tobacco it has excellent reviews.

Also look here:

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I added this to my cart! I’m starting to get headaches lately and I think it is from the super sweet flavors I have been trying, my girlfriend bought me some menthol crystals for Christmas so I am excited to start using them! And WL stands for WizardLabs? Or is that a different company I have not heard about?

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I have never heard of that flavor company, but I will try and find it! I’m pretty excited to find one that I actually enjoy and maybe can become my ADV!

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I like this old ADV TPA favorite. It’s been adjusted to my taste but that’s what DIY is all about.

Peanut Butter 9%
RY4 Double 7%
Ethyl Maltol 0.5%

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Yup. Around here, we tend to abbreviate the crap out of everything. :smirk:

Thats fine, I was just making sure. Can I only buy Flavorah flavors from their website?

So with NET’s how does one determine nicotine %'s? Is it on the label?

How about DK base (TFA)? Im not big on tobacco mixes but i have a recipe id like to mix up and it has DK base in it?

With most online NET purchases, you specify the Nic content you want included when ordering the NET; it’s usually hand written on the label.

I’ve never tried the TFA DK tobacco base, but I’d say it’s like most any old 555 flavor; a bit nutty. IMO, you can achieve the same thing with any tobacco flavor by adding AP 5% around .5% to 1% in the mix. :smirk:

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Alrighty, sounds good. Im not a tobacco juice fan but recently found one that im in like with. Banana/banana bread, peanut butter, tobacco menthol. Totally odd combo but it works well thought i would hate it but i vaped through the 30ml in a day.

Thanks for the info, Jim.

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I’m not a menthol fan, so I’m no good at recommending any tobaccos with a menthol kick, except FA Royal, that one does have a pleasant tobacco flavor with a mild menthol kick. I ordered it, not knowing it was a bit menthol-ish. :pensive:

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For now, I think that is correct? I do know there are some vendors of FLV in the UK. I haven’t really looked around that hard yet for FLV vendors in the US.

The exciting news of the day is that ECX is about to announce that it carries Flavorah. I have some benjamins warming in an emergency fund somewhere that are about to be turned into flavors!

I’ve been watching that development. :+1: