Looking for a tube mech mod

Hi guys,

Looking for a mech mod with the following;
*Magnetic button
*Single battery 26650 or 18650
*510 spring connector a must, can have a swappable hybrid.

The wismec skyladon is perfect except it’s 22mm

So all the features except 24mm. If anyone knows one with all those features let me know please.

So authentics or clones?
What is the dedicated budget?
What material is preferred? Brass, aluminum, copper, stainless, ceracoated/painted

Happy with any material, prefer SS
Ideally not too many or any slogans & discrete logo
$50 USD - budget
Just as long as the above parameters are met first and foremost. Mind you if it’s ugly in an ugly way. Like my sister, that will not be on.

Appreciate any suggestions.

Since you never said anything about clones or not and the budget is only $50 i would recommend this one.
It got 510 connection but it has neither magnets or spring in the button. It is 25mm though but it is considered to be a safe mech.
I know people who got this clone and they are really happy with what they got. Check some reviews on it and you will see what i mean about the button.


Man that ticks all the boxes, but to let you know. If I can’t get everything in 24 I’ll go back to 22 and the skyladon will fit that.

You know @Fenrir1 I always appreciate your feedback mate. I learn heaps even if I don’t go down that road. Appreciated greatly.

Out of interest do they discuss the button mechanism in that video. I’m interested to see how it works for sure without magnets or a spring.

Yeah Lou show how the button works.
If the Broadside doesn’t fit you could always try this one.

or this one

i wouldn’t be to concerned over the 25mm when it comes to these mods.
Had you been interested in a hybrid mech mod it would have been easier to point you in any direction but 24mm and 510 connection limits everything a bit.

This here is a new mech from CoilArt. It is a 24mm with 510 connection so in that sense it should be ok for you.

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I’ve got one of these in gun metal grey that is brand new. I vaped it two or three times and just didn’t care for it. I’m not sure of the size but I’m willing to work something out if you are still lookin to get a mod

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i like the SMPL. got one tucked away in case shit hits the fan with US FDA. practically unbreakable

Try the viiking heretic on elegomall

https://www.elegomall.com/viiking-heretic-mod.html a puddly 20 bills will get you one

It is heavy copper, n50 magnet switch, single 18650, tube but no 510 it is straight hybrid but it is not a bad mod i have a goon rdta on it and it performs quite nicely.


What do they mean by “explosion proof design”?

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I would think it means it has battery venting :wink:
But you never know, maybe it is designed to explode very well :laughing:


The walls on it are so thick i dont think an 18650 could blow it apart it is damn heavy duty.

Here is the weight with and without 18650 - i have reg mods with toppers on them that weigh around that


The battery vents are pretty big too - the threads are good and the build quality isnt bad either.


Ohhhh damn that could prob constitute as a weapon :laughing:


Ya if you had it in your hand and accidentally on purpose hit someone who really needed hitting you may hear back from them in a couple of weeks when they woke up