Looking for best and cheapest diy site

I’m looking at going through liquid barn and getting there 500ml pre mixed 6mg pg vg nicotine and getting their flavor kit with 10 different 15ml flavors


BCF doesn’t carry nic.


Right on. They’re a highly trusted company. I wouldn’t worry about price comparing as much as I’d worry about choosing the right flavors.

I’d make a preliminary list of 10 flavors that are right for your taste preferences, then search for those flavors in the forum and on their Flavor Pages and see what’s been written about them.

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Have you picked the flavors already? If not, I would try to pick a variety of types, don’t just pick 10 fruits. You’ll probably need some Creams, Cookie or Pie Crust, maybe some Custard, a Marshmallow… Depending on your favorite type of e-liquids, lots of these things can be used in ways you might not yet imagine. Grab 2 to 4 of your favorite fruits, and if you like Strawberry, you may need more than one brand to mix together.

Lots of flavors need help becoming the name on the bottle!

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Fine choices!

Often around Holiday times, those and other vendors will have sales. At those times, you will find the lowest prices.


This has been my go-to. I buy the 1000mg base/10 flavor extracts bundle and I add the 10 30ml flavor extracts bundle. That way shipping is free. You end up with 1 liter of premix base, 10 x 15ml flavors, 5 x 15ml dropper bottles, and 3 x 30ml dropper bottles, and 10 x 30ml flavors for about $80 usd

diye-liquidsupplies : Premix base of choice plus 10 flavor extracts of choice

And this

diye-liquidsupplies : 10 30ml flavor bundle

diye-liquidsupplies home

New customers get 10% or 15% off, forget which. It’ll tell you the code to use at checkout, or use the code “Refer-A-Friend”

Disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated with this business in any way, I’m just a regular satisfied customer.


Based on what you seem to be asking for you may want ti try Liquid Barn …Liquid Barn can supply you with VG , PG and Nicotine , they also have a good selection of one shots . When you use a one shit you add the concentrate to the VG , PG and Nicotine a nd there you are… I do believe this is cheaper than buying from a brick and mortar


Forgive me if this has been mentioned already, but buying pre-made 6mg base (VG/PG+Nic) is going to cost you way more money than buying VG and/or PG and nicotine separately. Plus, buying them separately and mixing your own base, will yield you WAY more base than buying it pre-made. Not to mention the long run of having your own base, for months to come, and not having to purchase pre-made base, multiple times, within that time frame. THIS is the way to DIY when you are on a budget…


While I agree in the long run but I’m guessing the OP has a fixed budget and the premixed base is a better buy atm.