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Looking for cheap, potent flavors


I had it dumped it down the toilet to me it was disgusting hated it



Yes, well, like I said, it isn’t for everyone.



TFA brown sugar was a bear for me in single flavor testing.

Even with all my early “prep reading” (and knowing to start lower than normal; for TFA) like you say, given the numbers I’d seen, I thought I’d be ‘safe’ running testers at 2% and 4%… WRONG :flushed:

4% was so bad that I emptied the tank and changed cotton and coil (though I could still detect a very burnt brown sugar taste). 2% was still pretty rough, but much closer to a flavor one might expect (though it still had a burnt quality to it). I then modified the 2% down to 1%, with the 80/20/3mg flavorless base I learned to keep on hand for just such occasions… But I never could get past the taste of burnt brown sugar. Which is why I couldn’t offer a more specific range. lol

I finally decided I preferred FW brown sugar, out of the 4-5 I tested in that shootout. No burnt taste, and still usable at surprisingly low percentages (0.5-2%) for FW!



Thanks for all of the replies, guys! I didn’t realize that this was going to be such a difficult question. Lol! Part of that is my fault for not being more clear. For the record I’m not new to mixing e-juice, in fact I have a fairly large collection of flavors which include all sorts of brands. FA, Inawera, Flavorah, Real Flavors, etc. are all in my arsenal (as well as the cheapies) and I do love MANY of them! I also don’t intend to stop buying the “premium” flavors, I am simply curious about the cheaper brands that might have flavors that are abnormally strong for being cheap that I may not have come across yet. I hope that makes sense! Sorry if I came across as a naive newbie! :slight_smile:

PhilFish, Sprkslfly, Suomynona, and BrotherBob all gave some examples of the kind of cheaper flavors I’m curious about. I guess if I had phrased my question differently it might have yeilded better answers. Not to imply that the answers weren’t good, I do appreciate the time you all took to offer your opinions and I absolutely agree with just about everything that was said!

I’d like to present my question again like this:
What specific flavors from the cheap brands that I listed in my original post have you come across that are stronger than you would expect to come from their respective brands?

Or if it’s easier to answer this question, what are some of those cheap flavors that you have found to be potent at/around/under 1%?

(Now I’m laughing at how many times I wrote “cheap”. :rofl: )



Tfa Huckleberry is very strong. At .5 in a mix, it can take over anything.



I think @daath would be able to give you a full list of flavors by running a simple database query

select all flavors where median % < 1



Bacon (OOO)
Barbeque (OOO)
Black Pepper (Madagascar) (TPA)
Clove (TPA)
Maple (pancake syrup) (CAP) 1 drop in 15ml is a good start

All can overwhelm the other flavors in a mix with just a drop to far.



The only flavors I think are “over powered/extremely potent” but still on the cheaper end are FA Tiramisu, FA Honey and Inawera cactus. All of them I either have to use as low as 0.1 or dilute them whenever I get restocks. However after you figured out how to work with them, they are excellent, unfortunately you don’t use these in a lot of recipes.

Nearly forgot FA black tea which is very strong and gets even stronger over a 5 week steep to a point were it becomes really horrible for me personally. Extremely harsh/bitter and just muddy.



Inw Waffle (cant get now), Flv Rich Cinnamon, FA Blackberry, FA Tiramisu, FA Dark Bean, Inawera Raspberry…just a few really strong flavours I can think of…and most of Medicine Flowers flavours you could use at 1% max in recipies.

Nobody really likes buying flavours you have to use at like 10% or above in mixes (a lot of cupcake world flavours were like that)…BUT, be careful going for potent flavours, as they can be difficult to work with. Inw Waffle for example I had to dilute and FA Blackberry I had to chuck as it was just too damn potent to use at all.
The great flavours are ones like fa meringue/almond where you can use them at 0.5% to enhance, 1% for a backnote and then 1.5% or over as a main note, makes things so much easier…i hate all these recipes with like 0.05% 0.15% 0.66% flavours in them, puts me off ever trying them



There a post I started awhile back looking for the taste of Butter Rum type life savers. I found LA Butter Rum to be near perfect. I last mixed it at 3% and it was way too strong. I have never tasted any flavor that if you mix it too strong, it will kill your desire to work with it again.
Someday I might feel like going again at it, by that time the memory would have to fade almost totally. I now listed it at 1% max.!!!
If you decide to try it, I strongly recommend starting out at 0.25 and carefully work up. I’m thinking this flavor need a ton of smoothing to get it to the lifesaver taste.



TPA Bubblegum & TPA Bubblegum (fruity) :smiley:
The first time I tested them, I could still smell it 3 days later… haven’t touched them since.
Nearly had the same issue with Papaya Punch (Flavorah).



Thanks for all the input, I appreciate it!



Not sure how I “missed” this tidbit before… But thanks for the heads up! I have this one, but have yet to work with it! :wink:
Always nice to have a clue in advance!

@Ths1MxrChk getting some unexpectedly good info out of this thread! Thanks! :tada:



Couldn’t agree more!

Try TFA Kona Coffee. LMFAO

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Here is my list with max % solo/single flavors for me.
"Tobacco’’ flavors:
Dk Tobacco base TFA @ 1.5%
Tobacco TFA @ 3%
Virginia FA @ 3%
Dark Vapure FA @ 3%
Shisha Golden Apple INW @ 2%

Other TFA flavors:
Cappuccino @ 1,5%
Bavarian Cream @ 3%
Toasted Almond @ 2.5%
Maple Syrup @ 3%
Frosted Donut @ 3%
Graham Cracker @ 3%
Cheescake (Graham Crust) @ 4%
Lemon II @ 2%