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Looking for cheap, potent flavors


Hello fellow mixers, I’d like a little bit of input from you awesome folks. I’m looking for readily available cheap flavors in the US that are exceptionally strong. Mainly TPA/TFA, LA, FW, and CAP (or CAP silver line since they seem to be pretty easy to find now and especially since the line has a significantly lower price point than the regular CAP flavors, although I have no idea if any of them could be considered ultra potent). I know that other brands such as FlavourArt, Inawera, Flavorah, etc. are typically stronger than the ones I listed but I’m really just looking for CHEAP flavors that I can use at lower percentages. What are some of the strongest inexpensive flavors you have come across, and at what percents do you like to use them?


You probably won’t find potent AND cheap from any US vendors. You already named a few of them (FlavourArt, Inawera, Flavorah) but unless you find a good sale you may have to go with the common middle-ground.

As an afterthought…don’t cheap out on your flavors. While more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better you owe it to yourself to be able to mix the best juice possible, regardless of price.


RealFlavors (SC) line
Used between 2%~3% in mix
A 4oz bottle yields 6000 milliliters of end product.
At $17.95 a 120ml bottle the cost breaks down to .0029 cent per a milliliter.


I understand what you’re saying. To clarify, I’m not looking for an entire line of cheap and potent flavors. I’d like to know which of the cheap ones are the strongest.
I did search the forum and found a few comments here and there such as this from Amy2.

I’d like to hear if others have had similar experience with other inexpensive flavors.
And by no means am I discounting the “better” flavors that are available, I’m only trying to figure out cheaper ways to mix wherever possible.


These are all I use. I only have the 30ml bottle sizes so far which cost significantly more per ML and my mixing costs with 4.5mg nic usually comes out to around $2 per 100ml of finished juice.


Depending on your tastes, TFA Maraschino Cherry is ridiculously strong. Like, 1-2% max is nearly overpowering. But many people seem to loathe it. My wife really likes it. Of course, menthol too.


It’s like others have said before… you have to look at the actual price per ml of e-juice. Strong flavors are usually more expensive to buy, but they last you so much longer. MF is another one like that… very expensive to buy the bottles, but if you see that most of their flavors are used at much less than 1%, they’re definitely worth their price.
From what I see here, TPA and CAP are the most common flavors for beginners because they’re cheap to buy. In my experience, they’re the more expensive ones because you have to use so much of them.
FlavourArt is definitely one of the flavor brands that is cheap and good to me. They’re just a tiny little more expensive to buy than CAP, but they last you 2 or 3 times as long.

Have a look out for rebottling too. Some vendors buy the flavors in bulk, put it in their own bottles, put their own label on it and sell it a little cheaper (e.g. chefsflavours.co.uk)


TPA Coconut is another one like that… but generally speaking, TPA isn’t all that concentrated.

All flavor purchases require a little research, especially if have a small budget. There are general trends among flavor companies but that doesn’t mean those trends are true for every one of their flavors.


Took the words outta my mouth, So far as far as SF testing goes I’m @ 2.5%-3%

@Ths1MxrChk IMO best bang for your buck. Another plus to Real Flavors is @Walt_RealFlavors is a regular here and seems to be a very knowledgeable & great guy. Give him a shout or check out Real Flavors Website.


::Runs to raise the prices::


HAHAHA I saw that anger face Fozzy. You know I am only playing :smiley:


Just as others have said, it comes down to your personal preference and likes. Not everything classifies as potent or extreme potent, for example I have nearly the whole FA line, I did start with that and they were potent sure, but not as people described. Saying you can’t go above 1% on most flavors due to its strength, well I didn’t experienced that. And we can’t blame my tastebuds because I don’t just mix for myself.

Same with a lot of other brands, so you will sadly have to purchase flavors people say are potent and see if you feel the same.


If you want to vaporize cheap, why not mix only Vg / pg? if your budget allows, you can buy 10 mls. of Rich Cinnamon by Flavorah, with this aroma, 1 drop should get 15 mls of cinnamon-flavored e-liquid! :smile:

Edit: It’s not exactly the answer to your question, but here’s the tip …


Or get FA Blackberry and get 30 to 40ml from a single drop :stuck_out_tongue: :crazy_face:


I know this will be wide of your flavor profile tastes, but us NET tobacco crazy types like to come into the main forum here every once in while, just to aggravate everyone and remind you synth experts that we are still alive and well !!! :rofl:

Anyway, I extract Vision Hunter Native Tribal RYO and it is excellent. I pay $6.96 for 7oz at my local Indian Smoke Shop. It extracts to 2100 mls of vapeable juice, so that math becomes less than 3/10 of 1 cent per ml. It doesn’t get much cheaper than that ! And it is Organic, Native American Grown and all that other ‘feel-good’ stuff.



One on One has a nice selection of sample packs at a reduced cost.
Couple that with the 25% discount code off the resource page and it’s a good deal.
Their flavors I find to be comparable in strength to the rest of the major players
eliquidrecipes-25 <— Code
Daily free flavor per order so add that too.


None of the brands you’ve listed are “exceptionally strong” (as a whole).
Granted, there are some exceptions to the rule among a few of them. But as a whole, there’s only one that seems to fall into the parameters you’ve set forth IMO.

Flavor Revolution (which is still new to the community and continues to be evaluated) seems to be leaning towards the 2% and less marker.

Outside of them however, you’d need to be looking at Ina, MF, or FLV for what I’d consider to be “exceptionally strong”.


Well. That’s a whole different animal. LMAO

In that case:
TFA Kona Coffee (do not recommend, even at 0.1%, requires a massive dilution)
TFA brown sugar
TFA Acetyl Pyrizine 5% (0.25% to 0.75% usually)

FW cafe coffee (1.5% or less)

Just to get the ball rolling. :wink:


My favorite (my taste buds are poor):
at Wizzard Labs.
LA Cream Cheese Icing
All most any fruit flavor is over powering to me.


Normally I’d say something like here’s my 2 cents but I’m going to be cheap and give you my 1 cent opinion…

You get what you pay for !

Okay now here’s my 2 cents

Forget trying to be cheap… you’ve jumped into a rabbit hole that just keeps growing…

Set your self a base Flavour profile you like to vape. Keep those stocked then expand from there

Me I try to order enough to get free shipping every time… so my minimum order is at least $50

And I look for sales like the one one drop just had .

Example . Running low on vg and pg down to a
Little less than half a gallon of each. So I’ll order those from Nic River… then if I’m not at 50 I’ll add a few flavors I’d like to try…

End result I never run out of vape , and I’m cheaper than ebinezer scrouge


I regularly see this used at 1% (or more) in recipes… I cannot for the life of me understand how people can vape those liquids… overly sweet, dominated by the brown sugar