Looking for clone recipes

I want create my own clone juices Can soneone share Any recipes?
Thanks to all :pray:

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Perhaps do more then 5 minutes reading before asking such a vague question and you will find a whole category dedicated to clone requests.


Sorry for disturb you man,I am new in this group.


Helps if you poke around and associate yourself a bit first. There is lots of reading material for beginners here. Without knowing which particular mix you wish to clone it is hard to help you. Although you managed to post here this may help http://forum.e-liquid-recipes.com/c/e-liquids/clones


No worries. But yes. Poke around. Use the search function and type in “clone” and you will get a ton of results. Also in the recpie side you will see a million recpies. Happy mixing and welcome to elr.


I find this forum very unfriendly and vague. I don’t like getting semi automated replies that make no sense instead of actually answering a question. If you can’t or won’t help I’d rather have no reply than this nonsense to prove a point to yourself. Very rude especially to new members that want to contribute and start a topic which is kind of the idea for a forum in general.

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sir I find your post full of nosense and rather rude… this forum is rather helpful to new members.
I see you have only created one topic which was asking for a clone

and posted only one response (which is in this thread). I really suggest spending some time reading the links provided… and searching the forums… there is a lot of useful information in these forums if you just take the time to read. unfortunately we cant read the material for you… and it takes a lot more than 12 minutes to read these forums.

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here’s a couple simple searches

a simple search of forums will show you plenty of clone threads to read

and a simple search of the recipes reveals there are over 4k clone recipes



You have a total of 12 minutes read time and find this forum unfriendly and rude? You couldn’t have possibly read all my post in 12 minutes.


Wow. I thought I have been pretty helpful over the years. Sometimes just getting pointed in the right direction helps. How am I supposed to share one specific clone when there are tens of thousands on the internet? Sometimes just providing basic guidenece helps someone understand how to use the power of Elr.

But let’s not be vague. Taking a look at your profile I see that you have visited this site for 9 days, hung out for 12 minutes, and read 12 posts. Hell I do more while taking a poo. Lol.

Oh and to be more specific. You can view any profile by clicking a members name. And yes, but know sometime people surf elr without being logged in. Again, that takes away a resouce…being able to track topics, see what you’ve read, send and read pm’s…and so on.

Please don’t see my post as being mean. I love seeing new people on elr and would rather post something than let this thread completely go down the drain. But when you post something that is just tossing poo against the wall like a monkey…well you may get a few unfriendly replies.

Lots of poo references, but yeah I am using a voopoo this morning vaping on a clone icecream recpie. Oh an to be more helpful here is a screen shot of your profile. Just wanna make sure I go the extra mile.


Yes, it is very comfortable for you that others do your job …
This forum has helped me a lot. Read, review, study … And enjoy, the people here are very kind


I felt the same way about these type of situations , it is frustrating bc of the hard work we put into something we love , but sometimes I remember not everyone wants to dive that deep into this hobby , so they come here to get a quick answer and they want to move on which isnt a bad thing …


What anger gives me not to master the language to discuss in depth …
I understand that there are people who are looking for a quick response, that is why I do not respond to the one who starts the post, but to another person who gets in the middle, saying how other people should act …
I do not know, sir, just I’m just an old and tired man …


Sometimes I’m a bit a cranky pants. Lol.


You my friend have a lot of nerve and balls to come in here and berate! Hope you find what you need and then hope you contribute besides just the 1 or two posts. We are more than friendly, but handouts are not just given. Read some of the beginner question posts then get a clue as to what to ask. Unfriendly my ass. We put a lot of work and time into helping new and old members a like!


Heads up too. Maybe like something someone has taken the time to respond to you about as well. Goes a long way. Shows you actually appreciate the time given to respond to your ungrateful ass.