Looking for clones for cloudride smokey oakey

Sorry to toot my own tank here, but try my Cherilada recipe… FAR better than the Share a moya… I have a remix too that’s great.

Also, FA oak wood is all you need, no other oak flavors :wink:


Another add for “smokiness” is Toasted Marshmallow (TPA) (1%?) and if Almond would work in the recipe Toasted Almond

…but as the recipe’s creator sez not in Smokey Oakey

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thanks man that is a good mix letting it steep for a week but it smells ready thank you d.d.


So has anyone managed to successfully clone the Smokey Oakey ejuice yet?

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Check your inbox :wink:

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Thanks for the recipe, looks good, where do you suggest i get good quality nicotine from? I’ve had some that was very weak so looking for much better

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Why not just buy some of my quality eliquid instead. Send me your formula and I’ll let you k ow how close you are. Lol. Enjoy the premium juice.


Funny thing on clones… some can come close… but often are never ever the exact same. :slight_smile:

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