Looking for employment

I am looking for new employment for just myself.

So, any vapeing Businesses/Vendors looking for help in the greater Chicagoland area for experienced Marketing & Creative talent. Please PM me with a link to your website or details, or just drop a post here.

Personally, Vaping would be fun to be into right now, but I would consider other industries.

Thank you very much!


Success with the hunt and I hope you’ll find something enjoyable soon


Well thank you :sparkles:@anon28032772! :sparkles:

That is kind, and i appreciate the bump. :wink:


Good luck I hope everything works out for you


PM me your resume so I can critique you


Dude, finding a job is very easy, the main thing is to have some kind of skill for this. It is also important to know which resources to look for because there are a lot of scammers on the Internet. Most of my acquaintances have found vacancies on Linked because there is a huge variety of different vacancies.

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Last year I also lost my work in Vape Shop and I thought that it is the end, that I would find the same good paid job in my small city. Me and my wife decided to open own liquid shop. We were very afraid of failure. And as we understand in the beginning the most difficult and important thing it’s to make a Budget Proposal. we didn’t have expirience in this sphere and tried to find a solutin. Thanks God that we have found a detailed info and temples of this project on tracktime24.com. It is really helped us to get a loan to open our shop. I am so happy that we have achieved it


Tough times are hard to get through. I hope it all works out for you. In the meantime, there is a post here with a link to work from home. I wish I had found that a couple years ago.

Another thing I recently learned is there are openings for online educators teaching people to speak english, basic education, etc.

Good luck with your hunt!