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Hello everyone I am trying to get my hands on some flavoring. I am in the US I used to get off of TFA and heartland vapes but I guess I can’t anymore. I haven’t had to order new flavors in a long time so I’m new to this problem.


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I would suggest Bullcityflavors.com

and as a member of ELR you can use coupon code ELRECIPES for a discount off every order :ok_hand:


Welcome to ELR @Cloud_Shack, and @Rocky02852 nailed it. BCF for the win !!!


Bull City Flavors, BCF, is my go to as well. If you are supporting member on VU you can pm Roundhouse to get a permanent coupon code for BCF that’s better than the ELRECIPES code. You cannot share the code Roundhouse gives you though.


@Cloud_Shack I’ll join the others in welcoming you to the forum. And with recommending Bull City Flavors. Tons of variety, fair pricing and prompt service and shipping. They are awesome.


Thank you all for the reply I will definitely give them a go! I didn’t want to just go buy random stuff from where ever and remembered this forum from way back when I first started making my own juice and knew I would find my answer here. I have always used this calculator thru the years just never really sign in. Thanks again everyone!


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Hey there @Cloud_Shack welcome to ELR


Bullcity is pretty much the goto, but if you can’t find a particular flavor or it’s out of stock, try flavorjungle.com or wizardlabs.com


BCF ALL DAY!! #bcfftw


Gremberryfarms.com is a good one, too. They have some decent one-shots, as well.


@Wombatred26 do you have any standout flavors or one shots from them ? I picked up a small pile of Gremberry Farms during River Supply Co’s sell out, but haven’t gotten around to testing them yet.

I did do a brief stint with some of their Blends

As promised (or threatened LOL) @SteveTC your review of the Imp Dust really was the motivation to check out some of these “Solos” (One Shots) from Gremberry Farms. Mixing these up now @ 13%, and will let them steep for 1-1.5 weeks before testing. ALL testing done on the SteamCrave RDTA v.1 using 7 wrap, single wire, Kanthal vertical coils, with fresh cotton and dry burned coils before every test. Mixed @ 70v/30p/3mg.

Creamy Coconut (Gremberry Farms)(One Shot) 13% (9-24-21) – This one was a super rich treat, and I had to wait till a second tankful to get a good grasp on it. I couldn’t decide if it was more of a Creamy Coconut, or a Coconut Custard. I think I’m leaning towards the Coconut Custard. A good ratio would be about 55% Custard, 45% Coconut. The custard seemed like a mix of maybe CAP’s VC and one or two others, that was perfectly suited for pairing with a Coconut. The overall impact was a super rich, and delicious custard, that flowed into a somewhat receded coconut. The coconut was similar to TPA’s Coconut Candy, which leaned towards more candied than natural, but not entirely. It was hard to completely identify the coconut because the custard base completely enveloped it, and, in a good way. The super rich, and almost perfect pairing of these two elements cannot be overstated here, and it really needs to be tasted to be fully understood. Very skillful on the balancing act between the two. Sweetness was above average, but felt where it should be, and @ 13%, it was very full, rich, and present, without being overbearing. If you are a coconut custard fan, this one WILL work out for you. Only minor takedowns, not for taste, but for it presenting more as a coconut custard, than a creamy coconut, and for the lighter, more recessed coconut notes. Very good mix here, and I’ve already polished off two tanks, if that’s any indication. 9/10.

Dryad (Gremberry Farms)(One Shot) 13% (10-3-21) – This one was billed as a Butter Pecan Ice Cream and at times, it did nail that, other times, it wandered around into almost an RY4 with some butterscotch. Every so often I got an almost burnt finish on it, but only every so often. @13% it was super full, and rich, and above mid level sweet. I’m not sure why it “wandered” around on me, but at times it was a fairly convincing BPIC. After (2) 3ml tester tanks, it was somewhat “gunky” so the sweetness was clearly to blame. Taste wise, and convincingly-wise it was fairly buttery, and tasty. Minor takeoffs as it did stray a bit to my tastes. Nicely done, and it felt good at 8.8/10.

Imp Dust (Gremberry Farms)(One Shot) 13% (9-24-21) – After reading @SteveTC review of this one, it actually COMPELLED me to buy a few of Gremlin’s “Solos” (One-Shots), and try them out. I think his review of this one was spot on. I found this not only an interesting pairing choice by Gremlin, but also a nicely executed one. Because of the custard/pudding elements, a 2 week steep seemed to be a wise choice. The Blackberry greeted you right out of the gate, and in the middle and end, the creamy, almost pudding-like custard carried throughout the finish. The Blackberry although tempered by the creamy custard, still held it’s own, and while missing some of the bright sparkly punchy notes, did not get lost in the mix. The custard (as SteveTC said), was almost pudding-like, with maybe just a HINT of eggy-ness, but it was soo low in the mix, it really did present as more of a pudding. At the very end, there was almost a smidge of dryness or bitterness, and I’m sure Gremlin could have erased that by adding more sweetness, but they didn’t, and that restraint, was well received. Sweetness was at, or just below mid level, and you COULD enhance if you felt it necessary. The pairing of the two main elements was skillfully done, and neither overpowered the other. I can see why this is one of their better sellers. While trying to deconstruct the Blackberry element, it almost seemed as if there was maybe some rich blueberry in there, to round out the blackberry. All in, this was a great Blackberry Custard, that was just fruity enough to keep it interesting, and creamy enough to keep you interested. Nicely done by Gremlin. Easily 9.8/10.

Pink Sunburst (Gremberry Farms)(One Shot) 13% (10-3-21) – Who doesn’t love Starburst ?? I sure do, and I was excited to try this one and see how close they came. I think this one was “in the ballpark” for me. Def. a pink candy of sorts, and there were aspects OF the Starburst in it, but it never truly took off for me. “Pink” was the best way to describe it, and being a medley of sorts, it was hard to pick out exact fruits, but needless to say, “Pink” was the implied profile. Just above mid level sweet, and 13% felt pretty good, and I don’t think increasing the rate would improve this one much. As it stood, just a so so flavor, and could be used to base/bolster pink candy vapes for sure. Leaving it solidly at a 6.5/10.

Purple Gremlin (Gremberry Farms)(One Shot) 13% (9-27-21) – Having never been a HUGE Grape Vaper, I am always anxious in trying a new one. This one, actually surprised me, and actually DID present, JUST like a Grape Bubblegum. Now I haven’t bubblegummed in years, so I won’t be able to precisely nail down which exact brand, BUT, it was an impressive, accurate representation of an American Bubble Yum-ish bubble gum, but tempered with a really good grape. Both the BBG and Grape were candied (duh), and I could almost pick out the pink in the gum, just below the grape. Gremlin did a skillful job of mixing the elements again, as they WERE perfectly paired. You could almost pick out the white (starch I think) coating on the outside of the gum. Was def. above mid level sweet, but what would you expect in a sugary gum. At this testing weight, it was nice, and in your face, but not overblown, and I actually liked the fact that I could pick out the pink gum, BUT, also the grape. Wow, actually, very spot on, and this is coming from the guy who doesn’t vape grape much. If you like bubble gum, and in the grape variety, I think you will not be disappointed with this one. This one might just make you want to vape the grape. 9.85/10.

Vanilla Overload (Gremberry Farms)(One Shot) 13% (10-3-21) – If you think about it, testing Vanillas can be tricky. Why ?? Most times, they’re Vanilla Custards, Vanilla Puddings, Vanilla Cookies, etc. Of course, when I loaded this one up, the first thing I thought of was, “Could this be as good as DIYFS Holy Vanilla” ? This might be, BUT, in a much different way. The first thing that hit me was how clean this one was. A nicely full, clean, somewhat lighter vanilla. Now just because it felt a bit lighter than say DIYFS HV, really didn’t leave it lacking in any way. At 13% it was nicely full, not overly rich, but did have some good mouthfeel. No custard, no pudding, no cookie, no ice cream here, just a mid to high brightness level vanilla that was fairly complex. It was full enough, that it could easily be pushed into a milkshake if needed. It had similarities to other Vanillas I have, but really felt more like a medley, and a surprisingly good stand alone one shot. For a very clean vanilla, with great mouthfeel, this one should work for you. Impressive @ 9.9/10.

White Gremlin(Gremberry Farms)(One Shot) 13% (10-9-21) – After much delay, finally able to get into this, my last Gremberry Farms One Shot in this series. This one, proved to be rather interesting. It was billed as a White Cake with a Berry filling. Actually, that’s pretty close. At 13% it was full, but still somewhat relaxed, and did convey a fairly convincing White Cake, but with an almost berry edge to it. The berry/berries was/were very low overall, and at times almost disappeared in the mix. Maybe by design ? The White Cake while very good, wasn’t the richest or fullest that I’ve had, but strangely that didn’t detract from the overall experience. The berry “edge” seemed to reveal itself closer to the very end, and “spiked the finish” as it were. The berry/berries tasted like a darker variant, and eluded exact classification, and had just a smidge of an almost jammy tartness that allowed it to push through the more dominant cake. At times I almost wished there was more of either the cake or berry, but even with that, it was a satisfying mix. All in, it was great flavor, and fairly unique, which is always nice when you’re looking to add another flavor to your collection. Sweetness was about mid level, and expected for a cake flavor, and the berry/berries kept it JUST a bit more interesting throughout. Finishing off this run with a nicely placed 9.1/10 with this one.

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I really LOVE the Samoan Dreams (chocolate, coconut, caramel, shortbread, like the girlscout cookies :drooling_face:) I like the Blue Gremlin (blueberry waffle with maple), and the hubs enjoys the Llama Spit (strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, and banana). I have several others but haven’t found the right %age yet for them…:sweat_smile:

I love the Samoan Dreams so much I ordered two more of the 30ml. The 4oz bottles were out of stock :pleading_face::sob:

A few people have said the Samoan Dreams is chalky but I mix it no higher than 10%. They tried there and said it was better. It takes about a week before you taste the coconut.

Also, the Blue Gremlin…? Def let it steep a week or more. Otherwise you will get nothing more than a slap in the face with a bottle of artificial pancake syrup. :rofl:

I mixed all of the ones I have at 10% and these three were perfect. I think the rest need some experimentation to find their sweet spots… much lower for the Orange Cream, Very Cherry Vanilla, Vanilla Custard, and ummmm, the one that’s just vanilla… Vanilla Overload I think?