Looking for help developing a Melon/Melonade ADV recipe, can't get it right


I have been searching(mixing with a specific aim) for a melon vape that I really enjoy but I fail and fail and fail and I have many times found my self reading threads here and I have experienced that there are many helpful and talented mixers here so I thought I would open a thread here.

First of all, let me just say that the recipes I am about to post are what I have managed to create but I am not happy with them and I am open to recipes that has nothing to do with these recipes.

My first inspiration comes from a company called “Zap” I think and they have a juice called “Melonade”, which I have become certain is made with a low percentage of TFA Honeydew II, but it isn’t nice by it self even with much sweeteners.

I am not looking for any watermelon juice(I have given up on finding a watermelon juice that I like and i have tried many watermelon concentrates but they all miss the target, the best I have found is TFA Watermelon but it is a weird flavour which tastes good watermelon half the time and green beans all other times, IMO).

Nether am I really positive of the idea of a cantaloupe dominated recipe but I wouldn’t object to such ideas.

Thus far I have gotten the melon type of flavour I am after but with other very noticeable side notes that ruins the flavour with recipes similar to this one:

Melonvape 1:
3% TFA Honeydew
1-2% CAP Cantaloupe
0,5-1,5% TFA Kiwi(Double) or FA Kiwi
0,5% FW Lemonade
0,5% LA Lemonade
2-4% Ethyl Maltol(10% solution)

First I thought I have hit the target very well with this(as you see approximate recipe) but after a single day that experience changed and I don’t like it any more, I have tried using more or less of the lemonade and with and without FW Lemonade, it appears as LA Lemonade might be an important ingredient since it appears to be able to alter the melon profile quite a lot.

I have also explored this sort of recipe.
Melonvape 2:
3% TFA Honeydew
2% CAP Cantaloupe
1% TFA Strawberry Ripe
1% FA Pear
1% FA Fuji Apple

This didn’t pan out ether.

First I didn’t like TFA Honeydew II at all but I tried it at 4%, since then I have discovered that 1-2% of TFA Honeydew II together with 4% EM(I will try sucralose also when it arrives) and I feel that kiwi is a nice flavour with it.

After writing this I will try this recipe:
1% TFA Honeydew II
0,5% TFA Kiwi Double
0,5% FA Kiwi
1% LA Lemonade
4% EM

I don’t have much hope for this but you’ll never know.
My next attempt is to buy CAP Juicy Lemon, and I will try INW Cactus to see what effect that might have.

I have also already tried experiments with FA Lemon Sicily, FA Lime Tahity Destilled and FA Lime Tahity Cold Pressed and INW Lime.

I am open to all and any ideas or thoughts about this melonvape search.
To be clear, these recipes that I have written here isn’t any ideas anyone whom have suggestions need to stick to. As long as melon is the main note, preferably a honeydew/cantaloupe melon profile.


Two things pop into my mind immediately.

  1. Drop the EM. It can mute and dull other flavors, and it adds a cotton candy flavor when used at higher percents. 3-4% would probably be right on the edge of being able to notice the cotton candy flavor. So it might be throwing off your other flavors.
  2. Have you single flavor tested each of your flavors? If not may I strongly suggest that you do? Testing each will give you such a great start. You’ll get a good idea of all of the layers in each flavor, and it’ll help you imagine how they’ll play with each other.

habe you avoided using creams or marshmallow on purpose ?? im only trying to understand a bit more i use the TPA honeydew ( original ) alot and its a flave that takes over at 3pct and up especially if you dont have any creams to mellow it out , ive never used any citrus with it though a very intersting combo , ive also tried a lot of different honeydews and would think the Cap honeydew melon would possibly be a better match for lemon ( citrus ) flaves , with all that being said i wonder if Cantaloupe isnt the main flave that would make more sense to pair with lemons ( citrus ) flaves , try dropping the honeydew and pair the cantaloupe with lemon and see if that taste is closer , so for me id check what the average single flave recommendation for your cantaloupe is and use that and then your lemon use the median for mixing percent… i hope this make s sense i had to keep going up to your comment so there are a few edits going back and forth lol


Reminded me of a recipe I had made a couple of years ago. It was a hit for a while, but a lot of people burned out on it in a month, so I shelved it.
Think I’ll mix up a batch to reminisce over.
Hope it comes close to what you’re looking for.
I agree with @fidalgo_vapes, use Capella cantaloupe, it plays more friendly with other flavors.


that looks good i bet its will work for @_David , honeydew doesnt play nice with a lot of things but the stuff that it works with i love , im stil trying to pair HD with sweet guava …

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I’ll swcond that. Try removing em all together. I would only add after your happy with everything else. The start low at 0.25% and work you way up if needed.


many great tips above.
here’s what i tried recently and it worked well for me - i have couple of variations of this steeping now.
i found it’s even better to support the Melon with some Cantaloupe / honeydew, but not too much so it doesn’t change the melon profile completely. hope this gives a you a starting point - cheers

1.00% Grapefruit (CAP)
3.00% Italian Lemon Sicily (CAP)
3.00% Kiwi (CAP)
1.00% Lemon Sicily (FA)
2.00% Red Summer (Watermelon) (FA)
3.00% Sweet Watermelon (CAP)

Flavor total: 13%
Remember to rate it at: http://tjek.nu/r/e5BC

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CAP Juicy Lemon is great and to me has a little less tartness than FA Lemon Sicily. I agree with @fidalgo_vapes that CAP Honeydew plays well with lemon. As for CAP Sweet Guava, I love it. I pair it a lot with FW Blood Orange. I would drop the EM as @VapeyMama suggested. Maybe CAP Super Sweet at 0.25-0.50% or TFA Sweetener at around 0.50% unless you are staying away from sucralose.


Here are my suggestions
FLV wildmelon (0.75-1.5%)
Melon Medley RF SC (1.5-2.0%)
Melon Lorann 2-3%
lemonade Purilum 2-3%
Lemonade RF SC 4-5%

The RF Melon Medley one is very strong and very tasty good news is you can kick up the % of Lemonade lorann if need be to 4-5%
I highly recommend getting the purilum lemonade and layering it with the Lorann
I agree that the Cap cantaloupe could be causing the off notes- ditch it and the EM as mentioned
CAP honeydew is good but almost candy maybe try it around 3-4%


Have you had any luck? I just made a Melon recipe last night and went searching for Melon on the forum just now and found this thread. Just wanted to say that both Honeydew and Cantaloupe NF are very good, so far (only overnight steeped, but taste awesome in a mix with some support, will SF test eventually). If the other brands aren’t getting it for you, maybe give the NF a try. They have them at diyvaporsupply for pretty cheap. Here’s how I used them…


Which is the better cantaloupe? Capella seems to be pretty good. FA is quite a bit more expensive. Opinions?

Cap Cantaloupe imo is flat and weak. FA is the better of the those two. My go to is FW cantaloupe FWIW.
On a side note recently got NF Melon in and it is very different from other plain “Melon” flavors has sort of a “pink” vibe to it and is very tasty…

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