Looking for Juries Custard Recipe

Hi all

A good friend of mine passed away recently after a battle with cancer, he left me a tone of vaping goodies including a bottle of his last home made juice, he labelled the bottle Juries Custard, I’ve looked high and low for the recipe but with no luck, and fear it died with him!, has anyone on hear have this recipe?


It sound like it could be @keithju1’s recipe:



Sorry to hear of your friends passing


Thanks guys, I’ll give it a go!.

If anyone has any other decent custard recipes they would be greatly received.

I’m new to this and Alan always spoke very highly of the support you can get on these forums.



Check out @Ken_O_Where on the recipe end of the website, he’s the go to custard guy and sorry about your friend. That’s hard.


You can get the concentrate as well

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Condolences on the passing of your friend. Are you able to access any notes of his to see if maybe he had jotted it down?

Thank you for your kind words, bit of a delicate subject at the moment, his misses said she would have a look on his emails and notes but not turned up anything as yet, this Juries juice is one of the best ive ever tasted, its lush lol, shame i cant backwards engineer it!

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