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Looking for new flavor suggestions


Going to re-up on some flavors and looking for suggestions for good fruits and especially raspberry or berry flavors. I have inawera raspberry which is pretty florally on it’s own and I don’t like it too much. I would like something like tart and sweet blue raspberry. My fiance also tends to like citrus flavors as well. This is what I currently have: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/publicstash/159140

Any input is appreciated!!!



With flavors in mind such as raspberry, i would use the forum search and read other’s thoughts on different brands to help ya decide which brand is right for ya. Most suggestions come w/ a “plug” to a good mix in it but don’t be scared to substitute or come up w/ ideas on your own either. Gl to u!



I have always like raspberry vapes but lately, it just isn’t doing it for me so I started shopping around for different ones. So far wild raspberry by MF is still my fave. It is very close to a raspberry picked from the vine and not a tart one but the one that melts in your mouth ( we have wild raspberry vines in our yard ).
Dark Raz by Nic Vape is my next fave. It is more earthy than most raspberry concentrates and has a nice full bodied flavor to it. Next is Natural Raspberry by Lorann. This one is “light” if you will. It isn’t " in your face " but rather airy. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it takes like 4 to 5 percent in an SFT just to taste it.



I use Purilum raspberry often, has a nice tart note. Can take over with a longer steep. Also like beryl raspberry FA, just a good plain raspberry. Also like to pair raspberry INW and Malina INW.

Your wife may enjoy yoghurt drink VTA. Great single flavor for me.



I have INW Malina raspberry. Is there a different version? And what is the yogurt drink like? That sounds either awful or pretty delicious. (Also, I don’t have a wife, I have a fiance, soon to be husband :wink: lol)



I gave up on regular raspberries, for me its one of the flavors, that doesn’t translate very well with vaping. I always get floral or medicinal out of it. I tried a couple including (mf) wild raspberry :frowning: i did like (pur) raspberry but since its limited to only one vendor, i threw it out of my rotation. Dont like having to order only one flavor at one place kinda thing, i like options lol.

Anyways, blue raspberry is a bit different, my current favorite is (wf) sour blue raspberry. Now theres nothing sour or tart about it, just to clear that up. But in my opinion a damn good blue raspberry.

Other choices would be blue raspberry from liquid barn (lb) or blue raspberry slush from one stop diy shop (osdiy).

Hope it helps.



Congratulations & apologies!
Yes INW has more than one raspberry. Malina is too strong and not my favorite but is useful at lower percentages for a boost. Hear good things about VTA raspberries, have juicy raspberry but haven’t gotten around to it yet. For a single raspberry I always reach for the Purilum.



For citrus, FE lemon and INW shisha orange are making it in a lot of my mixes, not that I have mixed much of late.



Get some Wonder Flavor’s Bumbleberry. It’s a mixed berry blend (blue, black, ras) and pretty delicious. Has sweet, tart, and slightly jammy going for it.



Just got some of the shisha orange and I haven’t actually tried it in liquid yet, just tasted on my finger and holy hell, that is a fantastic orange flavor!!! Wow! Now I see why everyone speaks so highly of the INW Shisha flavors!!! :heart_eyes:



Thanks for your suggestions! I rrally appreciate it! I got quite a few flavors you guys suggested and they are all pretty good from a quick finger taste test! It can be really annoying trying to find good flavors. To be honest, I kept getting a bunch of garbage flavors that tasted like soap and it was getting frustrating because it’s such a waste! Thanks again guys!



Glad to see you’re on to some quality flavors! If you haven’t tried yet, RFSC Raspberry and their Blue Raz are very good, as well.



Just added this to my shopping list thanks to your description! Thank you!



Hopefully you like it. It was featured on a Noted podcast a while back… which is what pointed it out to me.



I really hope it works for you. All i get from it is full blown potpourri and that flavor lingers and i mean linger!

I can tolerate it at .75% with lots of creams, but even then its floral as hell, too me of course.

So just giving you a heads up here, if you taste other flavors kinda like i do, you’re in for a “treat” :wink:



So noted! :wink: