Looking for new popular flavor suggestions

I’m no stranger to stock piling flavors, I have upwards of 500 almost. But I am looking for some new flavors to try out. I have most of the popular flavors from VT, Hangsen, FLV, FA, INW, WF,
( though I have only ordered Lemon Squares, Cream Filling and Marshmallow Candy of the newest flavors from WF)
There are a few flavors I have been wanting to try but been on the fence about getting like VT Devon Cream, English Toffee and Coffee Milk Froth. to name a few. But I am curious to see what suggestions the ELR community has for me. I’ve posted before about new flavors and have had great success getting flavors with your help. So here I am again lol… Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for you help.


Don’t know if you read Concrete’s notes on Reddit, but here’s his site:

Lots of good flavor notes there… esp. in the VT category. :sunglasses:


I’ve read some of his reviews while browsing before but I haven’t looked for or read his full flavor reviews before so Thank You I really appreciate it.