Looking for new super sweet recipes

Hey am looking for a good recipe for your sweetest liquid you have experienced :slight_smile: am about to put in an order :smiley: any help appreciated :slight_smile:


I’m using liquid Stevia you can get from the supermarket. It is real, plant based and doesn’t give an artificial aftertaste. Have you tried it? I’m a real ‘sweet eater’, so vaping to me is a really wonderful thing. I can have my sweets all day long. Only other thoughts I have on which flavors are sweetest (and I’m not very experienced) is I add TPA Gelato to some recipes. It doesn’t seem to change the flavor much, but it sweetens it up. Also, i’d recommend using Marshmello (sorry i’m a poor speller) rather than EM or Cotton Candy - They are the same thing and it is said they cause flavors to go bland over time. Therefore, I recommend if you are going to use cotton candy or ethyl maltol (EM), use it and vape it - don’t put it in mixes you are going to steep or store because it will cause flavor loss over time. I hope this helps. Do post more questions and maybe more people will respond.