Looking for recipe for austins decedant custard

There used to be a flavor on her for austins decedant custard. Made a bottle a couple months ago and came back and it is no longer here. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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I found who made it: @SortedGeeza Perhaps he can help you out.

If not keep in mind that when something gets uploaded to the interwebs removing the source doesnt always mean it is gone. Meaning it is likely it exists in one of the various webcahce sites.

Good luck!

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Yeah i was working on it, tried a different versions. decided to stick very close to the original… to be honest, if you use whatever you have close to this recipie or even add in your own fruit flavour at say 2-5% for less prominent flavours or 5-10% for lemon custard you cant go far wrong ! :slight_smile: http://tjek.nu/r/9CXt