Looking For Recommendations For A Sub Tank, That Enables Temp Control From Stock Coil

I am waiting for the Hcigar VT75c Colour. I was going to order the the Ijoy Captain tank with it , hoping it would be a temp control coil but it appears to be Kanthal.

I would prefer SS coils in the stock coil, but would consider Ni200. Would be grateful for any recommendations for a tank coil that enables temp control. and preferably leak free, as had a couple of nightmare tanks of late, for this.

I already have the Freemax Pure and Uwell Crown 3 also, but would like to try something else.

You have the Crown… There are the SMOK tanks (TFVxxx), they usually have temp-enabled coils availabel - I have a few SS- and Titanium-stock coils laying around. I bet there are more :slight_smile:

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