Looking for slotter pops clone

So I just tried Slotter pops and I am IN LOVE with this Juice. I have no idea what’s in it but I’m hoping someone has figured it out or got it close. Please let me know!!

Possibly FW boom - the actual flavoring of a rocket pop (red/white/blue) popsicle is cherry, lime, blue raspberry and because its LA, add sweetener.

I’ll give it a try. Where would you start in terms of % of flavoring and what sweetener would you add? Lastly what is the abbreviation “LA”? Sorry I’m new here

Id start at 15% with fw boom. LA is just lost art the juice maker of slotter pops. Im not great with sweeteners but its a good idea to get tfa marshmallow, ethyl maltol and sweetener/sucralose.

Id start with ethyl maltol maybe 2%. LA juices are pretty sweet but i have a feeling many of their recipes are singke flavors plus sweeteners

According to LA picture on facebook they do use FW.

I just stalked their Facebook page and didn’t see it. I’ll take your word

see if that works?

That works… Gallons on gallons of that FW… Nice find…

I only found it because I am trying to clone the Space Rockz by them. lol

Wow! I saw that pic and didn’t even catch it!! Thank you thank you. Just ordered my flavors…I’ll report back

Haven’t tried any LA… Started buying online shortly after the start of vaping… 120ml beats 30ml for your money haha
Feel like I shorted myself when it comes to mixing now, haven’t experienced alot of flavors to know if I want to venture down any path… Luckily friends at a shop that just made the vape addition… They got a nice sampler today they might let me snag as its 3mg… marshmallow man… A strawberry and blueberry donut… Not sure but the ones a honey bear, I know I’ve seen on my IG… And the pebbles donut I’ve been waiting to try
Just bought my first froot loops juice today actually… 14 months into vaping

Has any one cloned the white grape by them plz