Looking for some flavors


I’m currently trying to find some good flavors, mainly:

  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Strawberry
  • Blackberry

While this might sound simple, I want the most realistic flavor (not candy like). The problem is, I already tried some and I can’t really taste them. I had Italian Lemon Sicily (Capella), Juicy Orange (Capella), Sweet Strawberry RF & Strawberry Ripe (FA). All of them are extremely muted for me.

I had a forest strawberry a few years back which was pretty strong, but more of a candy like strawberry.
When I have some Dinner Lady Lemon Tart, I can definitely taste the lemon there, so it’s not a general issue I guess.

When I made the Mama Melons recipe from this site (http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1083464/Mama%20Melons%20(Inspired%20by%20Monster/Mega%20Melon)) I was nearly overwhelmed how strong the cantaloupe was, and I had to tone it down a lot. The Papaya is there, but very subtle in the background (that slightly nutty taste), and the mango is next to not existent for me.

Maybe that helps you to help me finding some good new flavors I can actually taste :slight_smile:

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I was thinking it might be helpful if people could discuss the specific characteristics of certain brands. For instance, I’ve heard someone say that FlavourArt is known for realistic flavors as opposed to candylike flavors. Would this be a relevant and possible topic?

I don’t have the experience to offer full advice but I hear you and that’s why I posted my question on this thread. Most of the time I’m looking for realistic flavors and am tired of hitting all the candy or flavors that don’t even reflect their names.

I have heard great feedback on Strawberry (SC) (Real Flavors). The VG based line didn’t do it for me. Mostly, I’ve heard that Sweet SB (CAP) with SB (Ripe) (TPA) makes the perfect combo. Someone also mentioned another brand that I don’t remember so I’m hoping there will be more answers here.

most realistic flavors not candy like try medicine flower


Strawberry Ripe is from TPA, even though it may say Fa on the bottle (that’s from Flavor Apprentice). FA is generally used for FlavourArt, don’t confuse both of them.

It’s always a good idea to let people know where you’re from and if you’re willing to pay for international shipping costs to get your flavors… Not all concentrates are available globally so with these questions, you’re bound to get suggestions that will cost you quite a lot to purchase.

Medecin Flower has some really good flavors that would fit what you’re looking for. They’re pretty expensive for a little bottle but if you look at the amounts you’re going to be using, you’ll see that the price per ml of e-liquid isn’t all that bad.
MF isn’t as easy to find as CAP or TPA, but if you look around a bit, you won’t have any problems buying your stash.

As Muth said, FlavourArt has some pretty realistic flavors, but that’s no rule for their whole line. Blackberry FA is (imo) one of the worst flavors, and not just from their brand. FA Lemon Sicily is a very nice and popular flavor but it fades pretty fast.

There are a whole lot of brands that have “good” flavors though. There are a whole lot of brands that have realistic flavors. But for example with strawberry… what is it you’re after? Are you looking for a ripe, sweet, juicy strawberry or one that is still a little bit green?
With these flavor concentrates, you get just one tiny slice of a flavor out of a whole wide range.

Compare it with colors if you like… what is a good color red? I can show you 1000’s of different colors red and what is going to decide which one is good or bad… There are all the different shades, leaning towards pink or orange or blue, some are darker and other lighter.
That’s the same way that you have dozens, 100’s or even 1000’s of flavors of 1 kind. Taste is so subjective and what I may like may be really disgusting to you.

If you’re looking for flavors, a good way to start is to open the flavor list and search for e.g. orange. Sort that list by recipes or rating, see which companies make those flavors, check the flavor notes to see what people say about them. Check the forums for flavor notes (there are quite a few if you use the search function).
And don’t limit yourself to ELR. There are lots of flavor reviews on other websites. If you shortlist a couple flavors, ask people about those specific flavors and how they’re used, look up recipes where they’re used and look at the comments people make on those recipes.

Taste is so incredibly subjective, nobody can give you a general answer about what is good, “the best” simply doesn’t exist and even if 100 people tell you a certain flavor is absolutely great, you may still think that it sucks.

The best thing you can do is to read, research and try. Take notes along the line.


Lemon MF
Orange MF
Strawberry ???
Blackberry MF


You are correct, it’s from Flavor Apprentice. As for the strawberry, I’m just looking for a nice, non-candy version of a ripe strawberry. My main problem with the ones I have is, that I can’t taste them. Even at 10% there is maybe a hint of it noticeable.

I’m just looking for strong, authentic versions of the ones I mentioned, but maybe I will just order some more and test them. Problem with reviews is, most of the time everything has 5 stars and is great…

Thanks. I just checked, and I can order MF here, but it’s around $28 per 15ml Oo

As for the Lemon and Orange, 15 mls can equate to 120 mls of the regular concentrates because the usage % is extremely low… (1 or 2 drops per 15-30 mls). The Blackberry can be used up to 1%.


See my post above. Don’t look at the price / bottle of concentrate, look at the price / ml of final product.
Also the quality of your e-liquid is worth a little, no?

You should really research your flavors a little more and do some single flavor tests (SFT) at different percentages. Strawberry Ripe is full of EM, which mutes flavors. Using less will give you a whole lot more flavor.
Over-flavoring is a very common mistake.


Just a guess, but since youre having issues tasting things, are you using a tank? Mouth to lung i hear people often use higher percentages to get that flavor poppin, maybe double up? Im sure others can expound.
For realistic, i also go with MF, and some Rf and Fa. FR has a nice realistic banana.

That is a common problem with strawberry flavours, at least for some of us.
With most strawberry flavours at low percentages I get absolutely nothing … nada … zilch, and at higher percentage I get some awful offtaste that has nothing to do with strawberry, but then I found our lord and saviour Strawberry Shisha (Inawera), this is pretty much the only strawberry that actully taste like strawberry to me.

As for Orange then I can recommend Orange (Arancia) (FA) (FA=Flavour Art not The Flavour Apprentice) which to me taste very realistically like a fresh orange. Not very sweet, not like orange juice or some kind of orange candy, but like an actual orange.

As for lemon and blackberry then I can’t really help you, as i tend to go for a lemonade flavour rather than realistic lemon, and I haven’t really found a good blackberry myself yet.


Hallelujah, I agree with this whole heartily. :pray:

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Thanks a lot for those recommendations, I will check them out!

I use RDA (Drop & Wasp nano) for DTL as well as a Siren 2 for MTL

I use purilums strawberries.

While I like FA’s strawberries i’m kinda burned out on it. Like switching them up a bit.

I tried caps, TPA/tfa, inw, rf, ooo, odf, cap, I think I got a LA somewhere too? Not sure would have to check, but most of them taste extremely artificial too me, or no taste at all, or not even close to the label. Too a point were I take 3 puffs and feel like throwing up.

But sadly its still not the perfect strawberry. Hunt continues for me, but maybe you get a chance picking some up and might like it.

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I ordered a bunch of fruit flavors from FA and INW now. Lets see how I like them :slight_smile: