Looking for some specific flavors

Hey there,

I currently have about 100 different flavors. However, only a handful are in my rotation. The others are either not my thing, or I simply cannot taste them. So, I’m looking for some suggestions on the following flavors:

  1. Grape
    I do have Inawera grape and TPA grape juice. I can’t really taste the INW, the TPA one is good, but it’s more syrupy like to me. I’m looking for a clean crisp grape flavor I can taste.

  2. Green apple
    I really need some crisp green apple. Can be candy like (Hubba Bubba anyone?).

  3. Pear
    I currently only have FA Pear, but again, I cant really taste that much. I already tried 2-5% and it’s just very muted to me. It should be pretty authentic, juicy and “clear”. No peel if possible.

  4. Cactus
    I think I already know the answer. I do have INW cactus, which is insanely strong. I saw there is a molinberry (?) mexican cactus, is it good? Isn’t there any other cactus flavor?

I guess that’s it for the moment. I do not know why I can’t taste so many flavors (most of them are fruits unfortunately) and I want to avoid buying 100 more flavors to only have like 5 I can use.

Thanks in advance.


This are simply my recommendations, as each persons taste varies.
Gape (SC) (RealFlavors)
Green Apple (VTA)
Pear (Flavorah)
I dislike Cactus (INW) as it gives me a hand sanitizer aftertaste. Even at very low %s in Mix.
I do hope this is helpful :raised_hand:


#1 Grape SC (vaping zone or bakers flavors)
#2 as @Mark_Turner said RF SC is great
#3 FLV Grape use sparingly to to help other grapes pop

#1 Green Apple Euro Flavors green apple or EF sour Apple
#2 Green apple SC VZ
#2 NicVape Green Apple

#1 Pear FW
#2 Pear INW
#3 Pear RF SC

I have molinberry cactus :cactus: and it can get very dry and “acrid” after a steep need to retest at lower percentage
I heard wonder flavors has a “prickly pear” flavor that rivals INW cactus I cannot remember the exact name of it. Also if you just want a juicy slightly floral additive try TFA honeysuckle…


Are you sure it is WF? (it could be but I can’t for the life of me think which it could be).


Found it. It’s called “African Horned Cucumber” lol by WF


I wont say that African Horned Cucumber will rivals Cactus INW at all, they are very very different.

My personal flavor notes for African Horned Cucumber:

Testing hardware setup:
HCigar VT75D, Psyclone Citadel RDA, n80 22g 0.35Ω at 50 watt/4.2 volt

Test results:
Tested at 4.0%, 30/70, 0mg
Shake and vape:
Very fresh and juicy mixture of cucumber and kiwi with a slight grapefruit (instead of banana) note to it. Can see this go well with many berries, candies or in some refreshing drinks.
3 days steep:
The grapefruit note started to come through a tiny bit more, else no change.
10 days steep:
No significant change.
20 days steep:
No significant change.

These flavor notes are based on my personal experience and since taste is subjective and everyone have their own personal preference my opinion may differ from yours.

Nothing remotely similar to what i get from a cactus. You can use it similar to what you would use a cactus in some cases, to make things more juicy and wet, but the notes are very very different IMO.

That being said, it might just be me who get the Grapefruit note from it, because the description doesnt contain grapefruit, but banana which i get nothing of.

It is however a nice flavor and i made a few nice things with it and can see its uses, but to rival cactus is not one of them!


The “heard” part I mentioned was from the noted podcast. ID10T was the reviewer and generally I trust his perception of flavors as my perceptions have been similiar. I have yet to try it but will order it soon enough…


As i noted myself, then peoples experience does differ so he might find it very similar, i just dont.

The grapefruit note that i do get from it did surprise me after reading the description, but i know that i am not the only one who get citrus notes from it.

I hope if you get it that you will enjoy it and it is worth having IMO.


I think there is a white grape fa that folks like.
Grape flv for me hits enough of a spot for a candy grape.

Pear mf for a true full pear with all the notes with fa to add a bit more white.

Apple? Fuji fa can be a good starting point and others like double Apple cap as a start.

Cactus gives me aloe and sits as an additive.


Fuji to me is not a green apple. It’s a red apple which works pretty nice in apple pie juice (at very low percent, since it’s extremely strong to me).
Cactus is really good in a fruity juice, but it’s so strong, that I have a hard time using it in 10ml testers since even 1 drop per 10ml can be too strong.


Probably boring, coz everybody more or less said the same thing but here’s my choice:

Grape: not an easy one (I also tried adding FA champagne… at one point) RF SC @2%

Green apple:Not a “green” appple but a good apple juice like INW shisha apple i want a strong apple so it goes up @4/5%

Pear: I do a layer of INW gruzka and FA -on its own, FLV it’s a must have, but go easy with it.

Cactus: The juice or the fruit?? the fruit I use a German manufacturer (CDD Club Der Dampfer) the juice to make a drink’s body?.. still searching


Grape and Pear I will be no help with. Too me, just like raspberry there’s not a good option currently out there, that would represent a proper pear or/and grape. Candy versions or artificial versions of these can be found everywhere, but that’s not my thing.

Green Apple: I use FA Fuji but as you mentioned not a green apple, but the closest I have found that doesn’t taste like candy, potpourri or candle wax. FLV Sour Apple as additive, for me personally it’s not a stand alone flavor it’s more of an additive.

FLV Apple Filling, while not a green apple for a fruit only vape, it’s for me a really good baked apple for bakeries. At least for the first 3 days, then it turns into weird which is sad, but can’t eat mc donalds apple pie on a daily basis right? :wink:

Cactus: I mix FW Prickly Pear (the red fruit of the cactus, authentic but still more leaning towards a candy rather than fresh) with INW Cactus. Especially if I am building aloe vera based drinks in the summer. I don’t know if I would recommend them so, both flavors bring something interesting too the table for sure, but would I vape them on a daily basis? probably not to be quite honest lol.

If you find your cactus too strong, not that I would do it, but there’s always the method of diluting it. Maybe that would make it easier too work with for you, since you mentioned above that you’re having a hard time.