Looking for support for bottle bulk order

Not me, sorry for the mislead…Please follow the link and reply to this guy’s post if you’re interested.

Someone on reddit is looking to do a bulk order but…hold on, I’ll just copy n paste their post.


Hello fellow mixers! I’m looking to grab some really nice Black LDPE 60ml Chubby Gorilla bottles from copackr. They’re the super sweet soft ones. The min order to get a good price is 500 and I simply don’t need that many bottles haha. These are top quality bottles and I really want to get my hands on about 150 of em.

I calculated it out and I can do $15 shipped for 20 bottles or $75 shipped for 100. I would prefer you buy in multiples of 20 as that’s how many fit in a flat rate shipping envelope, but I can do whatever amount you want.

Let me know if you’re interested in buying these bottles! If I get enough interest, I’ll order them on payday :))


Black 60ml LDPE Chubby Gorilla - Album on Imgur

Edit: also, if I get enough support, I can drop everyone’s prices. So tell your friends! If I get support for 500 bottles it’s $15 for 20 or $75 for 100, if I get 1000 it’s $12 for 20 or $60 for 100, and if I get 5000 bottles it’s $10 for 20 or $50 for 100 :))


… I already said I’d buy $20 worth, if he goes through with it…


i would, but i have a lot of bottles.