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Looking for the banana trinity


Hello happy Sunday! So I’ve seen blueberry, strawberry, and vanilla trinities. Never seen a banana trinity. I am chasing down a banana pudding milkshake. Got the rest pretty much the way I like it but need to work on the bananas. Any suggestions? Here is my stash if it would help. Thinking banana fosters to start with…here us my stash http://e-liquid-recipes.com/publicstash/174903



I can’t speak to a trinity, because this is the first time I’ve seen that term used like this. I’m assuming you mean 3 banana flavors that make one outstanding flavor by layering.

It looks like you have a good start.

I see people praising the Banana Cream LA, not sure which one is more preferred of your 2. And, Flavorah is also highly regarded as a brand.

Start very low on FLV, like 0.2%, and work your way up or down. From all I’ve gathered, the people who give FLV bad reviews could well be over-flavoring, even at 2%. These are just my observations from reading and soaking it all in. I have not used them.

Bananas i can recommend from experience:

Banana RFSC is a fantastic realistic Banana. 0.5-1.25, maybe up to 2%, depending on how simple the mix is, 2-2.25% sf. Well worth adding to your stash.

And, Banana NF is a verrry real Banana. Keep it low, though, it tastes weirdly authentic and potent at 3%. Too authentic for me. Try around 0.25-1% in a mix. Probably not a good single flavor.

Both are available at diyvaporsupply.com



Banana bano FA is a decent :banana:



Wf Banana Puree and TFA Banan Cream are the best. You only need those imo. Maybe Lorann’s



I believe the Trinity Thing started with Blueberry…Then any combo that was used by youtube mixers became the Trinity , I just heard the Developed Crew going over all the different Trinity Combos it was imo a bit over the top… I did Try the " Strawberry Trinity " bc it used two of my Fave SB concentrates , For me the SB Trinity was Average at best …

Note: i may have this Trinity thing all wrong lol



Have to agree with Fidalgo, tried the SB trinity and wasn’t too impressed.



What’s the point of having a “trinity” besides that you can call it that?
If you like something, then go for it. If it takes a single flavor, 2, 3, 4 or more, then do it that way. I don’t get mixers that are obsessed with numbers, for me it’s all about the flavor and it doesn’t matter how it’s achieved.



Well, not obsessed. I was asking more for a combination of bananas to make something realistic. Be it 2, 3, or 12. Trinity for me is about combining several.



I mix banana cream TPA and LA at same percentage (50:50). Not a trinity, I know…

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