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Looking for used DNA75C/DNA250C mods

I am still on my quest for the best TC experience and I think I need now to look into Replay mode which requires a DNA75C or DNA250C. I hope to find a used functioning mod, even a beater to try out if this is the holy grale of Temperature Control.
I just don’t want to spend 200 on a Lost Vape to find out that it not performs better as my manual settings.


The DNA250C chip is my favorite hands down. The 75C is good as well, functions the same but the board is not as efficient so you go through batteries quicker.

I do like Replay but don’t use it often anymore. I just use my custom SS316L profile that I snagged off of DJLSB vapes. Replay is excellent if your using different SS like 430 and the like and don’t want to mess with getting it just right manually.

I generally hold onto my DNA C series mods but will take a look and see if I have any I might part with.


Totally agree with @mjag, except that I almost always use Replay.
You can have my DNA’s when you pry them from my cold dead fingers!


I should add if you get an older DNA75C mod it may not have Replay. You can’t get it with the US version of escribe but you can with the International version :wink:


I think it’s worth it if you like or want temp control “like” experience. I like the replay feature but I don’t always use it because I like how dna do with just normal vaping.

What I can say is that the reviews of the feature are pretty accurate. Do I wait until my cotton is completely dry? Nope. But it does kind of give you a feeling that things are tapering down and to get the beat vape it’s time to drip.


love dna boards have 2 DNA 3 yr old 75’s that i have to transplant into new mods cause the boards are fine but 510 went bad on one screen ribbon needs replaced on he other i need some stuff from analog boxmods.com

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So the correct URL would be http://analogboxmods.ca/

Based out of Canada, Montreal actually. Dan, the owner is a great guy to deal with. :smile:


Off topic but…I have a Lost Vape Mirage/DNA75C that took a fall. The board and screen are fine but I need to find another enclosure and get it working again. Would that guy you linked above be able to help me?
BTW, I bought the Odin Mini as a replacement for the Mirage and it’s pretty damn nice!


Yeah, he has a single 21700 enclosure kit that shorter than your Mirage, that I’ve been looking at myself for my Mirage. You can even drop my other name :grinning:


Yeah, I am really enjoying the Odin Mini as well. Sorry to hear about your Mirage, nice mod. If the first guy doesn’t work out then let me know, I got a guy in Colorado who does nice work and repaired a friends DNA200 Lipo mod. He replaced the board with a DNA250 and also replaced the Lipo.

He also made this monster DNA250C Lipo mod for me.


Thank you. I’m not in a huge hurry atm, but I’ll let you know.
Edit: that mod reminds me of the old Sigelei 150


Glad to hear that, have one on preorder.


Is it your first DNA?
Nevermind. I saw you use a Therion.


I vape almost exclusively in Replay mode. I won’t buy anything that doesn’t have a DNA75C or DNA250C board. I do still use my older DNA75 and DNA200 mods in temp control but not very often. I have a bunch of mods that have been collecting dust for years because of my love for DNA Mods. I should probably sell them all but I’m lazy. lol