Looking for vape stand/mod stand

ok, Fam…have a request for all those that browse the Web extensively OR for anyone that is good with creating and would be interested in a custom order.
my mods and tanks that are in my daily rotation number upwards to 20 and so far, they clutter my dining room table. i’m looking for something that organizes my mods so they arent scattered and makes them easy to choose from. i also have a problem with organizing my unicorn bottles so that they are easy to choose from when making my selections in the morning for what juices i will be vaping on for the day. i usually carry 3 mods w/tanks every day and usually carry 3 different unicorn bottles every day to feed those tanks.
i looked at ebay, wasnt really feeling the ones i saw and i also looked at jwraps.com and didnt really like their high prices. if nothing is found, i may try the jwraps modular systems, where you build one by buying separate pieces. OR, worse case, i’ll just try my hand at making something…but my time is so sparse and precious.
SO: does anyone know anything???

EDIT: just looked at jwraps.com modular system and am not impressed.


I seen a real nice one on Etsy a while back but don’t see it right now but this one doesn’t look bad for the money.

I think the seller has several designs but is located in Greece.


Thanks @BoyHowdy for the link. I did some drilling (on the webs not wood). This guy obviously has either a laser or mechanical CNC (he can etch your name) and a real gift for design. Here’s his old site which lacks usability but shows more handmade box mods.


Under “Products” click either “Box Mods” or “Photo Album”

Here’s likely his next site.


Definitely inspirational in the design element for DIY. With some sheets of 1/8" material you could cut multiple sheets at once and make your custom stack. Have a drill press? Forstner bits?


Lots of stuff on FT if you don’t mind ordering from China.


I have purchased a couple stands for my tanks & attys from Kmx Vapor Stands. I know that they encourage customers to, “check sizes of your mods and tanks before purchasing I can change sizes if needed most times at no extra cost”. I am extremely pleased with the stands that i’ve purchased, the craftsmanship is superb, great customer service, fast/inexpensive shipping & very reasonably priced IMO. They have been instrumental with my efforts to keep my ever expanding collection of Vape Gear somewhat organized instead of the cluttered chaos method I had going on beforehand. TuneUp Vapes is another vendor I came across when I was looking for stands. I never ended up ordering from them myself so I can’t offer an opinion from personal experience but they’re worth checking out. I’m not sure if these vendors have exactly what you had in mind, but hopefully some of this info can help you (or anyone else in your position) get closer to finding what you’re looking for. Best of luck!

Please check out http://www.breezeregenerations.com. She does some amazing work and every piece is unique and custom for you.

I use a cheap fishing tackle box and keep it in the closet.

It’s not pretty but it works :slight_smile:

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