Looking for VG/PG/Nic vendors in the Dominican Republic

I am looking for vendors of quality VG/PG/Nic in the Dominican Republic or at the least, a source for USP grade VG. Any tips/pointers would be greatly appreciated. Sick of $100-$200 International shipping fees with each order!

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Wow, I don’t think I’ve come across anybody else from that region on ELR. I’m guessing so far you’ve gotten your stuff from the US? The shipping fees from the US are horrendous.
Australia has better shipping fees but I have no experience with the quality of their VG. Maybe @woftam can help you out with that.

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All the VG in AU is imported and our shipping is quite expensive (not usa expensive). I would suggest Malaysia (lots of VG made there) don’t know about shipping. The UK has some of the cheapest shipping I have seen so that may be another option for you.

18 flavor bottles (those tiny ones) from the UK’s Chefs to Belgium, neighboring country, for £10.50
I don’t want to know what they charge for liter bottles of VG to the Caribbean :slight_smile:
But it will probably be cheaper than $100…

I have had a litre of concentrates from chefs shipped to Au to £5 so I am thinking it will be cheaper than $100

Now I feel ripped off :open_mouth:
oh well, still cheaper than buying locally

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and damn, that’s a lot of concentrates

Thanks for all of the suggestions. I dove into the deep end! Been vaping only 9 months and building a stash. I order larger quantities because of the crazy shipping charges. I’ve ordered a couple of times (about 30 flavorings of various size in each order with one order containing small bottles of nic/pg/vg - one order was $92 and the other was $98 in shipping charges. Then takes about 3 weeks to arrive. Looking for a gallon of quality USP VG without paying a $100 in shipping. Then I’ll be able to continue mixing for a while! Again, thanks for the leads.

Yes all my supplies are from the USA