Looking for VV Mesh V2 RDAs

Hey y’all. I recently got into mesh RDAs big time. If you’re not using your Vandy Vape Mesh V2 RDA, I’d be happy to trade something for it. I have a bunch of atomizers or can make custom coils of all shapes and sizes :laughing:. I probably wouldn’t say no to any of the Profiles (not the Unity tho).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I must say that I already have two blue ones.


I love mesh tanks as well… only tanks I use, with the exception of the intake and kfun. I also love the Unity… only one I have is the vv vape mesh v1…which I don’t use because I love the Profiles. I have 3 profile M’s…. 2 Zeus M’s and a Kylin M… The Kylin being my least favorite… The profile rda’s are my favorites… they started me on mesh… jumped the gun and bought 12… (not all at once) lol… Now I just need the new Profile rda…
Good luck in your search… Bought a few of my Profile rdas from Reddit Classifieds.


Thanks! I have a bunch of mesh tanks too. If you get a chance, get a Siegfried. It’s so easy to set up and use. You don’t need to tuck anything in slots. It just soaks liquid strait from underneath. It vapes great too. The Zeus X is underrated IMO. I like the Profile M a lot but they feel cheap lol. The Kylin M feels a lot more solid. They just made a new one that’s bigger and holds 8 or 9 ML. I might get one but I dunno… Truthfully, I enjoy mesh RDAs a bit more. I make my own coils for them and can’t get enough. The flavor has been just fantastic.

I missed out on the Profile 1.5, and never got the RDTA. I might just order one of those though.


Do you make mesh coils? If so care to share?:grin:
The profile 1.5 is okay… just wasn’t my fav…


I make “mesh alternative” type coils, which are basically staggered fused claptons. I’ll post a couple pics below:

A few people on Reddit have shown interest but I’m still learning how these things work. They usually ohm lower than .1 unless I use REALLY thin cores. 34ga cores are ideal to get resistance up but it’s super hard to work with that way.


That’s some amazing work @INOIROC!!

Beautiful to behold.


I think that is a brilliant idea!!

So, how do you like them compared to a premade mesh coil? curious minds want to know


I imagine he must like them more than premade mesh, as he would rather take the time to make them. Beautiful work! I imagine it takes more care and patience than a logical thinker in congress.


Absolutely. They’re just plain better. Regular mesh coils or strips have always lacked two things, heat and moisture. It’s always been a dry-ish kind of vapor. The ones I make are more like you’d expect from exotic coils. The flavor is fantastic. They heat up like mesh coils but don’t feel so dangerous when it comes to wicking. Its not as critical is what I mean. Another thing is, I’ve never had any trouble with them. No wicked hotspots or dry mesh type hits. They just vape really well.

I’ve done just about everything in vaping except get into billet box AIOs or whatever. Until a couple of months ago I was using mech mods with dual coil RDAs. It’s a great way to vape with plenty of flavor and vapor. Historically though, I’ve been primarily a single coil vaper. I got into mech tubes and dual coils when I started getting good at making coils. I needed to see what the fuss was about. These coils and the mesh RDAs feel like they’re more my speed. I vape them from 50-70W vs 100+W.

I currently have 6 mesh RDAs set up and vaping, with an additional 3 mesh RTAs. I’ve never had more than 2 going at once before I discovered these coils. You could say that I’ve gone bananas for them :laughing:. I’m always changing things up, but this kind of vaping feels like it’s gonna be around for a while (for me). I freaking love it. I never felt this way with strip mesh or woven mesh off of a roll. I have tons of that stuff that I’ll probably never use again. I know lots of people love that stuff like OFRF, but it just doesn’t compare to me.

After reading my post I realize that it might come off like a sales pitch. That’s not my intention, sincerely.


Those are some sweet looking coils.