Looking to buy nicotine

Has anyone used liquidbarns nicotine. Their prices seem pretty good.

Yeah, they’ve been mentioned here before.

Thanks for the reply. Going to give them a try.

I have a liter of NicSelect, good stuff. Dont forget to use the discount code.

15% off use - ELRECIPES

If I was still vaping nic, I might want to give Xtreme Nicotine Liquid (said to be worth the money) a go.

I am looking to buy good quality nicotine that wont have a peppery feel during exhaling. I always buy from vista vapors, but it seems I need to try somewhere else to feel the difference. I heard about nude nicotine, and they seem preety good and might have good quality nicotine to make my DIY. Any suggestions and advice about other sources?

any of the vendors on this list have a reputation for good nic

I just figured out something…I was wicking incorrectly…I just fixed it and started vaping the same juice and no peppery feel at all. Problem fixed :slight_smile:…so its an issue on my side not with vistavapors

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