Looking to make Blueberry Softserve

Hey ELR people, I’m interested in making a blueberry soft serve ice cream e-juice. One of my favorite things on the planet is the blueberry soft serve cones you can get in Bar Harbor, Maine, which is my inspiration. The flavors I have available:

TPA Blueberry Wild
TPA Blueberry Extra
FA Bilberry

TPA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
TPA French Vanilla
TPA Bavarian Cream
TPA Sweet Cream
TPA Vanilla Swirl
TPA Cheesecake (Graham Crust)
TPA Whipped Cream
TPA Marshmallow
TPA Sweetener (Sucralose)
FA Meringue

I’m thinking Ice Cream as a base (of course), with a bit of whipped cream or marshmallow and a mix of the three blueberries. I’m pretty new to DIY so I thought I’d ask the pro’s for advice to get me started. Anyone try to make a juice like this before that could give me some pointers?


I’d go for something simple at first, just the FA Bilberry and TPA VBIC.

Something like 1-1.5% bilberry and maybe 6% VBIC (sorry I only have FW VBIC so I’m not sure about that number)?

I would advise against the vbic it tastes like dirt IMO
A soft generally has a more artificial blueberry and bilberry is more earthy and organic tasting.
I would suggest Diyejuice.com it is in Canada but the prices will go down 30% if your in the USA. They have flavors i suspect you need for this.

I would use:
3% ooo icecream (blend #1)
3% ooo vanilla milkshake
1% FA fresh cream
1% Molinberry milkshake
2% FW whipped cream
6% FW blueberry

For a more natural blueberry taste add also

1% TPA blueberry extra
.15 FA bilberry (strong stuff)

Hope this helps. Ps i have heard OnestopDiy vanilla icecream is great im ordering some soon

Thanks for the feedback! I think I’m going to try and mix some up with the flavors I currently have on hand and see how it turns out before I order new ones. Not a bad idea though, ordering from Canada. Currency arbitrage FTW!

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zigz, 8% seems to be a good starting point from what I’ve read. I’m going to try 1% bilberry, 8% vbic and go from there.

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