Looking to mix things up

Looking at my options, it seems that i need to buy 20mg/ml nicotine PG base, can’t get 100mg/ml, which would work in the calculator, but 20mg does not for some reason, i cant personally calculate it myself, i always end up with 18ml of that stuff, which would end up giving me 360mg in a 30ml bottle…weird right.
this is what im looking for and what i can get…
30ml bottle, 50/50 VG/PG, 12mg/ml, 10% flavor(or w/e recommended).
Straight VG
Straight PG
20mg/ml Nic Salt PG

with 100mg/ml nic i could use calculator to get right measurements but not with 20mg, try it out, it makes no sense, i just need the right amount of nicotine added so i dont kill myself

Edit: sorry, im a dumb @$$ lol, does add up to 12mg/ml, missed one detail lol, still wish i could get closer to that 50/50 mix though

Edit2: 1 last thing to point out, my options are buy premixed 50/50 flavorless and just add flavor, making it a 40/60 VG/PG, or, make my own but im forced to use 20mg/ml which ends up becoming 40/60 VG/PG without the flavor added yet…or is it 3% flavor or 10% 3ml flavor…i dont remember.


It’s going to be difficult creating a balanced (PG/VG) recipe at your desired 12mg/ml with 20mg/ml 100%PG nic base. (I.E. if you wanted to make 100mls you are already @ 60% PG with the nicotine alone, before adding any flavoring)

I would recommend trying to source some VG based nicotine or alternatively drop your nicotine target of 12% (I realize that the latter may not be what you wish).


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20mg pre-mix in a 30ml bottle = 20mg PER milliliter.

But for posterity (and a complete understanding)…
20mg (nic PER ml) x 30ml = 600mg total nic in the bottle)

It doesn’t matter how much is in the bottle. (Unless you are drinking it, which is a major no-go, and you can see why above. 600mg of nic would cause issues if drank.)

If you happen to vape up to 1ml in a sitting, then you’re getting 20mg of Nic into your system.

The numbers can only go down from there.
Each time you add a flavor, that 20mg number decreases.
Each time you add PG, that number decreases.
Etc, etc.

I couldn’t make sense of your numbers (as written), and that’s the only reason I’m ‘spelling this out’ so to speak.

The only way I could mathematically get the numbers to jive is 18ml of 20mg premix = 360.

But that has no bearing on things if we’re talking about a 30ml bottle (without further context).

Apologies if I’m the one missing something… lol
Wouldn’t be the first time. Won’t be the last. But when dealing with nic, I feel it’s important enough to clarify (for you, as well as anyone else who reads this in the future). :wink:


looks like i will need to do a 60/40 VG/PG mix with the nic on the VG side, with increased flavor % to compensate, should also help reduce the liquid from leaking past the mesh of my 0.8ohm coil when ever i fill the tank, which it always does.
yeah i do see that my math is off, thanks for correcting, so the calculator works now that i use 60/40, if i use 3% flavor or 10%, it still works out, i just hope the coil gets a good amount of liquid so the coil dont burn, dont wanna switch to a lower ohm, that will increase my intake and monthly costs.


Yes, you’re gonna need to use VG based Nic if all you can get is 20mg Nic.

Not sure what tank your using or why your target is 50/50 pg/vg…
If your having leaking problems in a modern Sub-Ohm tank you need to run higher VG ratio, like 30/70 pg/vg. In the hotter weather I increase to 20/80 pg/vg.


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Update: i just put 27ml 70/30 flavourless in a 30ml bottle and mixed in 3ml flavour, shook it up real good and let sit for a couple of hours, checked it, everything seemed mixed, gave a try and there is barely any flavour, do i have to let steep?, or not enough flavour, atm it would be 60/40 VG/PG, it should have decent flavour at 10% of 30mls, specially in a caliburn G, but barely, like hard to tell if im not really concentrating on the flavour, any tips?


The higher the VG it will require a longer steep, but if your familiar with the flavors in the mix usually off the shake will give you a good idea. I usually give a mix an overnight steep before testing. If it’s good then go from there…1 week retest, 2 week, etc…