Looks like awesome tanks are everywhere now!



it even has what looks like a “nano” or low profile tank for those who like the shorter tank/look…

this thing is sporting some pretty badass features…
allow me:
Direct to Deck Liquid Feeding System
Eliminates Troublesome Channel Wicking
Reduces Liquid Travel Distance to Coil
Allows for Vertical Coil Configurations
Independent Deck and Tank

23mm Diameter
3ml or 6ml Variations
Quad or Dual 3mm Airflow
Direct to Deck
Configured via Included Airflow Rings
Side Tension Two Post Design
2mm Post Holes
Easy Coil Setting

the only thing some may dislike is the bottom fill system
other than that, this thing looks like a winner all the way around…cant wait to get one!

EDIT1: i originally thought that each tank, the 3ml and 6ml, came with every order, but i was wrong…you have the option to buy one or the other from the get go


@juicyd, and one other I think, has the Aromamizer :smile:

I think @Alisa has one.

@juicyd sent me his weird tasting one when we done a juice swap.

I got the taste out but I wasn’t overly impressed with it.

Great design but meh on flavour.


I dont’ have that Aromamizer.
Last tank I purchased is an Aspire Triton with the RTA kit.
I love it. Top fill is the bomb!


I’ve seen this tank recently and man it looks awesome, I LOVE the velocity build deck, it’s my favorite deck to date, I’m going to have to get one of these RDTAs, although I’m sure they’ll come with a top full feature in a V2 soon enough lol… They’ll probably also do something different with the air flow ring, I’m a little worried about destroying those rubber rings fairly quickly( I’m talking about the steam crave tank) also the UD bellus looks awesome too and wait a few more weeks and something else awesome will come out lol, it’s hard to keep up with new vape products as they’re constantly coming out with brand new awesome innovations multiple times a month!


Every week there is a new tank out. Can’t keep up. Glad they are using the velocity style deck. Vape budget hands. It’s empty this month.

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I’m having to clinch up on personal spending but I’m going to have a chat with my accountant and see if there’s a way my corp can do something tax deductible in the R&D area. I mean come on…do I have to only move freight or can I dabble in other avenues? Walmart does it, why not me? :slight_smile:


Wow looking at this its very appealable
Might have to get the mrs some new shoes first though lol

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