LorAnn Concentrate

We would like to know is there any difference between the LorAnn products as we have a bakery wholesaler in our town who say’s that all LorAnn concentrates can be used in making E-juice, but we want to get the opinions from other DIY’ers here before we possibly lose money buying concentrates that don’t work
We hope that someone can explain to us about our question.




I have a few LA products- and their CCI is 100% TITS!


Stay away from the oil based and the colored ones usually have a clear option so go with the clear…


I don’t know about all of their flavorings but the Orange Brandy is oil based.
Don’t vape that flavor. I didn’t realize this when I ordered a 4 oz bottle.
It works good putting a little on some Grands Biscuits before baking them so it’s not going to waste


this bothers me.
If ‘‘we’’ is many people (or worse, you plan to sell further) and ‘‘lose money’’ is more than 1$ per bottle (because you probably don’t plan to buy large quantities of unknown flavor of unknown brand, right?), then i strongly advise you to jump over this brand.

Yes, they have a few cool flavors, but since you know nothing about Lorann’s flavors (or why not to use most of them), my sincere advise would be – use other brands (yes, there’s a reason this brand is not among the popular one’s and why e-liquid companies are not using their flavors). Their flavors are not for newbies, not for business, not used as base flavors in recipes (and too many not meant to be vaped).


Hi Mikser, thanks for reply and being completely honest with you we agree with your comments. The reason that we asked is that when we started out we started with the usual mix of Capella and TPA concentrates, but over time we have learnt so much and obviously got better at mixing we have added so many more brands of concentrates to our stash and this question about LaoAnn was to get the point of view of others, which has worked as we have got a completely different point of view then beofre asking the question.
It all makes sense.


Lorann has a handful of standouts for what we use them for , but for the most part other manufacturers have put something out that can replace them amd they have done it better in a lot of cases…

That Butter Rum though is a gift from the gods imo


Thanks for the chart… So helpful.


I still use their Bavarian Cream, Cheesecake, Banana Cream Clear, Cream Cheese Icing and perhaps one or two more. Personally i would order from someone like Bull City Flavors, they carry clear versions. I would love to be able to use their Eggnog but the colorants makes me cough so i use it in baking and drinks.

EDIT: Oh and butter rum too. So good.


Thanks Ken.


If its PG flavoring then its fine,When i shop online they have 12-15 flavoring companies and Lorannes is one of them.As long as its not some oils or dark extracts only for baking because there are some flavorings not meant to vape like ive seen people try to use Vanilla extract lol…just make sure its Pg or vg flavorings.Im betting it is