Lorann Flavours

Hello all,

I have just bought some Lorann 3.7 ml flavours not oils, (Watermelon and Creme de Menthe) and I understand it’s very much more concentrated than TPA for example and was wondering if I should decant and dilute or how should I adjust to their flavouring when mixing?

If anyone has an idea of how I can go about this I’d appreciate it. I usually use TPA and Capella when mixing my juice.
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Have a look at the links below for the average mixing quantities etc…if you go to the flavour list you can search for any flavour and check out how much others have been using :slight_smile:


I see - thanks Lolly - it doesn’t seem to be hugely more concentrated. It makes the 3.7ml bottle seem a tad expensive…
it’s going towards a clone i’m working on and have been for a long time, and having no luck either :slight_smile:

If I can just find the right watermelon mix I am sure it would all fall into place but it’s a tricky one.

thanks for taking the time to reply.


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Persevere…you never know when it might all come together :+1:

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