Lorann Melon

I have Lorann Melon on my shopping list, I assume it has a candy taste to it, but what is the dominant melon in it?

From reading the notes, it seems it is cantaloupe and watermelon. Is this the same watermelon taste as regular LA Watermelon?

Is there any honeydew taste to it?

I cant think of any other melons, what else can everyone taste in it?

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Lol @Pentine i admire your hunger for flavor knowledge. Lorann Melon tastes similiar to FLV Wild melon only weaker and less sweet and more natural. It is somewhat of an earthy neutral wild melon taste. Not a “candy” type flavor


I CRAVE it! I will never stop the hunt.

Interesting, I was expecting to hear candy-like with it being Lorann. I love FLV Wild Melon, definitely a staple in my collection, so a cousin of that flavor with some variation would be a welcome component.

As long as it is not too honeydew heavy, I am okay with a vague mystery melon taste.

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I tested at 7% it was too much. Required long steep. I think 3-4% is about right for a mix… I didnt taste honeydew… It definately has watermelon “qualities” but taste is more of a canary melon to me. Melon tip l: mix with pear or pear flavors for bliss


Wow, I have never even heard of a canary melon. I need to eat more fruits, apparently! Which pear? I have since moved away from TPA Pear (Bleh). I have FA but haven’t used it and the MF Pear I have is still steeping.

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I use several pears. LOR , INW is a good combo…


This is the best melon ever in my opinion. I use it with watermelon and mint and… buy it, you wont be sorry.


Here to report back on LA Melon. Used it at 3% single flavor and it was good, but it tasted like the weaker cousin of FLV Wild Melon. I think someone mentioned that, but my curiosity got the best of me and I just had to try it.