Lorann Oils Sassafras - Not Safe to Vape?

This is posted on here on this flavor’s page:
“May be dangerous to vape. Flavor is not water soluble, contains oil etc.”

And on Lorann Oils’ site:
“These Lorann Flavors are not ideal for vaping. They are not water soluble, contain oil, etc.”

ECX’s description of this flavor:
“For the true essence of root beer, Sassafras is the root flavor to add to your DIY e-liquid recipe. Rich and earthy, Sassafras tastes amazing by itself and makes for a great “spice” flavor to complement beverage, chocolate and confection flavors for an excellent DIY e-liquid creation. 1 oz = 29.5 ml LorAnn Flavor products are super-strength flavors and are 3 to 4 times stronger than supermarket extracts. A little goes a long way! LorAnn flavors (also known as candy oils) are not diluted in water or oil .
All LorAnn flavors are propylene glycol-based and will not harm your atomizer.”

I guess I should have done a bit more research when I bought it lol. I just saw Sassafras and had to have it. But I find the ECX statement and the whole desription for that matter to be quite misleading.

I too bought a small dram bottle of Sassafrass but have yet to use it. Doubt I will be using it now.

in the beginning one of the diy juices that grabbed the diy community was almost all flavor oils.
i vaped that juice all the time with no noticeable ill effects. though it did separate and require a good shake

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Oh, believe me… I am going to vape the hell out of it. I was just concerned more about the misleading statements by ECX lol.

I have worked in machine/fab shops for years, where there are 30 people tig welding and grinding all damn day and 50 manual and CNC machines running. The machines are zipping around cutting exotic metals and spewing vapor into the air as the coolant sprays across a heated cutting tool. This coolant mind you, is sometimes the most God awful sludge on the planet. Countless bacteria grow in it and then this becomes atomized and sprayed into the air for all the shop to breath. If I can survive that for 20 years, I don’t think a 2% mixture of an oil based flavoring is going to kill me either.

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as someone who melts glass for a living, inhaling heavy metals and fun stuff like cobalt oxide and uranium, I completely get that! Most likely one of the things I do will kill me at some point, I highly doubt it’ll be Lorann’s flavor oils :laughing:

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Haha, well said brother! That would make for a good signature :wink:

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When I first started DIY I bought a lot of Lorans from ECX and had to to throw a bunch of them out after finding they weren’t vape-able. I was a bit pissed.

I just had this issue with Washington cherry and citrus blossom. I tagged @DonovanECX, hoping for a response cause I feel like it was misleading if they really aren’t water soluble. That said, those flavors were exceedingly weak, so I won’t miss them much.