Loranns Cinnamon vs others

Ive got a coworker who vapes Loranns Cinnamon, she loves it and has a couple of bottles of stock.
Of course this is an oil, and at first i was alarmed for her, but then i notice its harmless…it just doesnt mix as its of course not water soluble.
I tried a couple puffs and it does taste great, just like a cinnamon disc.
Id love to gift her a couple of different sample bottles of other cinnamons that are water soluble that will improve her mix…anybody got any suggestions for other brands?
Hopefully that have a similar cinnamon disc flavor.
Thanks in advance!

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I wouldn’t say it’s harmless. Again, this is a fledgling industry, and I (if I were her friend) would strongly recommend against it. All initial indications that I’ve read seem to agree that oils are not safe for the lungs. And this is agreed upon by the “two camps” that wholly disagree on the miniscule amounts of diacetyl involved (and/or their related compounds: Acetyl and Acetyl Propionyl).

If those two groups agree that “oil is bad”, then I trust it. YMMV.

I would have to say that any other cinnamon is better than the oil based one she’s currently using. Now, taste on the other hand…

GL though!


cant say i’ve ever tried lorann’s cinnamon, but i agree with @Sprkslfly - i would not vape it.

thankfully you have plenty of alternatives available

my personal choice is cinnamon ceylon (flavor art) which is fairly easy to sweeten with joy (flavor art).

rich cinnamon (flavorah) is a prime choice, but it can easily turn mixes cloudy (if that bothers your coworker or not) - the flavour here is supreme, however, and it will last a long long time as you only need small percentages for it to work.

then there’s always cinnamon danish swirl (capella) which is extremely versatile.

i have recently bought cinnamon crunch (flavorah) but have not mixed with it so cannot comment.

your best bet is to search “cinnamon” by flavour here, and see what others say about each flavour. link your coworker and she can make her decision based on the ratings.

hope this helps


Yeah, i wasnt convinced it was safe til i searched Wizard Labs and then followed up here with our warnings…I saw nothing.

Names like Danish and Crunch dont sound very candy-like?
I kinda loath cinnamon, its nothing i wanna vape-test/mix recipies…Id only tried hers(24mg at that) to get an idea, one and done.
Joy? Really??? Seems like a bold recommendation to sweeten. Not that Ive used it or tried it, I just know it doesnt have such a great following, and not many know where and how to use it.

Well, a couple of things to keep in mind is

A: WL’s seems to take a very “passive” approach, when it comes to making sure their customers are “well informed” strictly from the standpoint of making sure that any /controversial/ subject matter is kept in the background.

You’ll notice that they typically only post whatever the manufacturer posts (in the little ‘manufacturers comments’ section). Last time I spent any serious time on their site looking around, this was still the case. Unlike some other vendors that draw attention to it not only in bold form, but effectively NEON flashing lights in a room painted all black with no windows. Lol

I’ll have to get back to you if you want more in depth info (as that specific info is on my pc), but really early into my DIY endeavor, I was trying heavily to stay with DX and v2 because of not being sure of all I’d read at that point, not had time enough to weigh things out for myself. Bottom line is this: I found out after the fact that several in my first two orders were things that I absolutely would not have ordered at the time. But did, because WL’s info/site was not meticulously maintained (read as: up to date). The way I found out was thanks to sites like BCV, with all the neon. Basically forcing the Vaper to be informed.

B. The other potential pitfall that new mixers are likely not going to be aware of, is how many different lines of (what sounds like the same) product are out there. Often times, by the same company!!

So when you get vendors that try to “lock in their market” by intentionally omitting the fine details, or those who genuinely don’t realize the importance, or those who haven’t compared the lines to know that they are not the same… Then there’s plenty of room for error. On several fronts. So there’s so many things that have to be factored in, that you really do have to do your homework in many cases! And personal agenda guides your collected information.

Bottom line is, like an example I used elsewhere in a brief history of TFA: there are wholly separate products intended solely for use in perfumes, some intended solely for cooking, and others that cross gaps/bridges into vaping. Each has their purpose, but each is created uniquely. LorAnn has many that were never intended to be used in vaping. Oils are one of them. But (as I’ve read, or rather, as I understand it) they’ve also created custom flavors to order for vaping flavor vendors specifically.

Now, for legal reasons, they’re obviously not marked, nor marketed as such. Especially given that all of that is still being fought out, and filtered through by the powers that be.

I do hope this helps bring things a bit clearer though. =)


Joy as a Sweetener? o0
That’s a new one on me!

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Google “docs flavoring” this will yield a diy flavoring spreadsheet that includes almost all diy flavoring vendors and the brands they carry, also whether or not they are rebranded. The spreadsheet will not however account for smaller companies who may be mixing existing concentrates in order to create their own

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FA flavors can have this effect. Not sure about Joy but i know FA Meringue will sweeten even at 1 drop per 10ml in a desert blend

I made a post over at a different location that I will post below. As a follow up, my step daughter likes version 1 over version 2, but asked me to drop the “Cinnamon” flavor a little, so I dropped the Pumpkin pie spice down to 2% from 2.5%. As stated before, I can’t post the recipe since it’s one from @Wayne_Walker (I didn’t look to see if it was on the recipe side of things here).

EDIT noticed I didn’t put the link

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lol Wayne should change the name to "Diy well i try"
Watched a bit of one of his videos but he was dancing and being “gantsa” i lost patience and turned it off. Do you have a link to the pumpkin pie video?

I used to vape the cinnamon red hots by TPA, after about two weeks I got so burned out (literally) that every time I’d vape it after one or two vapes I would cough worse than when I smoked. My Dr. suggested that I give it up my throat was showing signs of irritation from it.

just agreeing with what i saw here: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/40652

“p.p.s - yes, it makes Cinnamon Ceylon taste sweet, and it emphasizes subtle spice flavors in a recipe”

@5prock3t Joy + Meringue is supposed to make magic (powdered sugar) maybe 0.75% Joy (FA) and 1% Meringue and start low on the Cinn% or even follow @Mixologist’s advice and do like 3 drops of each in a 30ml …looking forward to this recipe!


I really appreciate all the help and input, i really do.

With that said, im trying to do a nice thing for a married female friend at work.
Shes got this single flavor recipe thats working for her…im just trying to help her replace this oil base flavor with a comparable single flavor.

Also, I hate cinnamon and hate the idea of vaping cinnamon…and Im sure im not alone, so I understand that we havent tried every cinnamon available.

@GPC2012 would you say Redhot by TFA tastes close to a cinnamon disc?

You mean one of the cinnamon disk candies that is made by brachs and about a thousand others.

Yeah it tastes like it but more intense so you might try it in a lot smaller percentage and work your way up


Thank you very much sir!

Btw, at what % was it too intense?

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