Lorex 2K WIFI Doorbell Camera Testing!

OK, and now for something COMPLETELY different. I’m sure many of you have video doorbells, and some even may have camera systems like I do. Probably heard about some of the “shady” tactics of Amazon and their Ring devices, and privacy concerns.

I have a rackmount 4K POE cam Pro System from Lorex, and decided to test out their BRAND NEW 2K WIFI Doorbell. Thus far, for LESS than $200.00, it blows away the competition COMBINED. NO contract, no paid monitoring or charges for “cloud recording”. Nope, nadda, NONE. You can CHOOSE to hook to Amazon/Google, OR, you can stay off-grid, and use the on-board micro SSD card to save, and view videos, right to your smart phone.

  • Super Easy Install
  • Onboard microSSD for archiving and playback
  • Dual band 2.4/5 WIFI networking
  • Chime Kit for mechanical chime units
  • Angle wedge mount shims included
  • Night Light
  • Siren/Alarm
  • 3 video resolutions, 2K the maximum
  • Two independent motion detect types, i.e. Motion, Person Detect
  • Alerts sent can choose to send thumbnails, or exclude to save time/bandwidth
  • Microphone/Speaker loud and clear
  • Can send pre-saved (or custom) audio responses to doorbell
  • One click “Privacy Mode” ceases ALL video/audio if needed.
  • Time view indexing for EASY event playback
  • Add/Remove recipients for events with ease
  • Ability to shift to different network without uninstalling
  • Built in WIFI speedtest

So far, extensive testing has proved this unit to be fully READY for PrimeTime.




I used to have a sexy HD camera that was ceiling mounted and moved around like R2D2’s head: it could be manually controlled or set to follow movement and sound track you as you walked around - actually moving to face you with the lens pivoting up and down.

Awesome things to have, cameras.

Just look out for the moths triggering motion detection at 3am - turns out they CAN see the intrared lights that give those cameras their night vision.



I need to get one. Been holding off. This sounds promising, maybe this will be the one.


I have Lorex LWB3801 - C HD 1080 surveillance cameras all over my house. I discovered their new Lorex 2K WIFI doorbell and decided to test it out. Because I do not understand all these systems, according to this website Wired Video Doorbell Security Camera | Vivint®, I decided to turn to Vivint. I have cooperated with them before, and their services are always reasonably priced. The guys came, did the installation, explained that I could also connect to AMAZON/GOOGLE or stay offline and use the built-in micro SSD to store and view the video directly on my smartphone.


@aristarh To avoid this post being blocked as spam, did you install the Lorex 2k doorbell, as your post is conflicting.

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Wayback, I had a Lorex inexpensive two camera wireless system with a dedicated monitor/receiver. Pretty nice but the monitor didn’t last too long. I tried ADT and didn’t like the service. I’m with Vivant now but I do miss having a local network connection. Everything works through the internet and is slow and only for mobile devices. I’m thinking of getting a single camera to put at the front door just for monitoring from my pc.


If you need some CCTV advice @SmilingOgre let me know. I’m testing a new Lorex 4k POE 30fps right now, and so far, it’s at the top end of consumer grade equipment.

Back to the original post, I’ve yet to have a single issue/failure on the Lorex 2k WIFI Doorbell. Motion detect / Person detect work flawlessly, once correctly dialed in, streams on/off site effortlessly on my 5G band WIFI, and the alerts have worked since day one. I had expected at least ONE issue, but, there have been none.


I really do need help on this. Really lagging in understanding this technology. Everything I have googled is all about the video being transmitted via internet be it GooGoo or Alexis or whatever. I want a single camera with night vision that I can pipe directly into either my wifi or wired home network and monitor directly from my PC.


The problem with any proprietary system is it’s closed, and there is always a reoccurring bill. For many that’s fine, but once you get a stand alone system, pay once, and done, you’ll never go back. Store locally, optional off site clouding, on/off site streaming, etc.

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Hehe, I got your six Ogre. Let’s get you OFF the closed setup, and get you on a stand alone setup, that YOU control.

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I would appreciate looking into it. Not sure if I could sell it to Mrs. O but I would love to understand my options. BTW what does



I’ve got your back brother.

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Groove. When you have time make recommendation per PM as not to hog this thread. As always, thank you!